Friday, November 25, 2005

Black Friday

I survived Black Friday!!! My brother-in-law and his wife go to shopping at midnight every year and invited me and my DH to join with them. I would never thought about going shopping at midnight! I'm not fond of going shopping in crowded place but I survived!!! We drove up to Orlando and stood in a long line in CompUSA. I never seen so many people there and there were so wild!!! People were running, scuffling and grabbing all the items. We got ourselves brand new TiVo for 20 bucks (after mail-in for rebate)! Very good deal!!! We went over to Best Buy at 3 am and stood in a very long line waiting for the store to open at 5 am! Good thing that the Starbuck at Barnes and Nobles opened at 3 a.m.! I had Gingerbread Latte and it sure kept me awake! So yummy!! I finally got my DH a new stereo for his BELATED (I mean... real real real LATE) birthday! His birthday was last December 16th! I have to think of what should I get him for his birthday next month! Believe me, I will get him something real soon instead of waiting for next year.

We got back home this morning at 9:30 am and went to bed right away!

Mental note to self: Do not go shopping on Black Friday again!


At 6:11 PM, Anonymous jerri lyn said...

12 a.m. in line? You nuts? Sure hope you got a lot of knitting done. *ha* I was "zzzzz'ing" in dream land ... and woke up by the time you went to bed.

At 10:26 PM, Blogger nmblefngrs said...

Oh wow, your DH and I share the same birthday! Pretty cool. Although I'm not looking forward to this one coming up as it's the big 30. There goes irresposibility, now it's time for 401k's and mortgages. I...can't...wait...


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