Saturday, November 19, 2005

Change of Plan!

We will leave to Florida tomorrow morning instead of this Monday!!! Yay yay!!!!! My DH's friend is very sick and is not able to go to the Redskin game. We don't want to go without her but gave away the tickets to her friends.

I'm all packed up and ready to go. Approximately 18 hours driving!! I brought two bags of knitting projects. I know I'm CRAZY but I just want to bring them with me in case I'm done with the project and decide what project I will make - depend on my mood. I'm bringing my stuff along with me.....

* Everyday Cardigan sweater
* Second sock needs to be completed to match the first sock
* Green yarns for Fuzzy Feet
* Red and white yarns for mini-stocking ornaments
* White yarns for felted snowman
* Red yarn for socks (Nancy Bush's newest book)
* Grey yarn for DH's Hat

Yesterday was most productive day for me. I knitted Everyday Cardigan sweater. I finished back piece and front right side piece. Very fast knitting!!! I also completed two mini-stockings.

I'm going to bring my laptop with me. Will post some picutres during the trip. I'm going to bed now!!! Good night!!!


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