Sunday, October 30, 2005

I'm BAAAck!!

*** WARNING... extensive PHOTOS!******

Wonder where did the time go? I didn't realize that it's almost two weeks that I have not posted. I was sooo swamped at work and didn't knit much two week ago because of carpal tunnel syndrome hand. I ordered 7 different colors for the socks thru Elann. I could not help but I'm seriously addicted to sock knitting. Is there any Sockalcohlic Support Group out there?? Nah, I'm just bad-ass knitter!!!!

First, I want to thank you for all the nice compliment about my socks. I just can't stop knitting... no matter what how bad I have colds all weekend!!!!!!!

I finished one sock last weekend. Yes, I'm showing off with my foot next to my tissue box!! This sock was supposed for my DH but the wool is itchy for him to wear. Supermerino yarn would be better for him and I could not find the right color. If you know where can I find blue, black or dark grey supermerino yarn, please let me know.

Peaks "n" Valleys sock comes real slow.... it's hard for me to knit with Size 1. It's really easy pattern. I'm not giving up till I finish the pair.

Oh oh oh... I must tell you about the U2 concert. I had a GREAT time as it was my first time seeing the Rock and Roll concert. I was very surprised that there were a lot of deaf people there. We got the special seats for the sign language interpreters to interpret for the deaf people. It was very hard to see the interpreters because a lot of deaf people standing and dancing. I had to move to stairway and sat through out the concert so I can see the interpreter.

See the interpreter signing!!!!

I don't know how many people were there but they are PACKED!!! I love U2 group so much and brought the CD right away after the concert. My DH was overbroaded by ordering subwoofers through internet to install in my car and his car. I don't know if he is CRAZY or normal.

Now... here is the BEST news as I'm saving last......What are THEY? Three BOXES arrived on my doorstep yesterday!!!!! Two boxes I was expecting to get and the last box was the BEST from my Secret Pal 6!!!!!!

First white box was the kit of "Everyday Cardigan" I ordered from Canada. This project is for me and my three dear friends who will knit together in January for our annual Crazy Crowd Crafts which I will host in my house.

Peace Fleece worsted weight 2-ply yarns - Blueberry Borscht I really love the color so much!! I can't wait to knit it with my friends in January!!!!!! I decided to order more yarns to make more sweaters.

Second box was from Amazon - I ordered one book for myself and other book for my SP6 - sorry, I won't show you the picture of what I give to my SP 6 as it is supposed to be SECRET!!!!

I found several patterns that I WANT to knit.... good thing that I have plenty of sock yarns!!!! I really love Nancy Bush's books - Knitting on the Road and this book!!!

Now, the last box from my Secret Pal 6 who is from Nova Scotia! How cool is that!!!!!!?

My jaw dropped when I opened the box. A lot of stuff are there at once!!!

Here are the goodies.... Tetley Wildberry tea bags, Maple Syrup Treats and Montreal Seak marinade!!! The tea is so delicious sweet and so the candies. I love them so much. I have to try the marniade on the steak this week. So cool to have the treats come here all the way from Canada!!!
Two BEAUTIFUL 100% wool yarns from Canada!!! My Secret Pal took the time to write me a note explaining that she got the yarns from Briggs and Little Yarn Mills, the oldest mill in Canada. It was so funny that she said she found the yarns at the back of the co-op grocery store - right by the rubber boots and kerosone oil!!! The color is so perfect!! I could not keep my hands off from the yarns. I think I will make myself a nice felted hat.

Soaps!!!! I love SOAPS so much!!! Perfect timing as I'm out of homemade soap.

The best part is the Secret Pal 6 made me beautiful binder - with my name on it. She added few patterns and left me several sheet protectors for me to add more patterns there. She knows what I really need it!!!

I also got the bookplates!!! Perfect ones for me to put them on my knitting books!!! Real cute notecard of cats.

I really love them so much.....I cherish each of them so much!!! To my Secret Pal 6, I thank you sooooooo much from the bottom of my heart, You ROCK!!!!!!! You sure made my day so wonderful!!!


At 9:06 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you liked the gifts!
A word of caution however! I too, thought I'd make myself a felted hat of the yarn I got (same as your different colour tho) but I've heard mixed reports about the Briggs and Little yarn and felting - I think there is a way you can test it before you committ ot a project. I read the comments about felting after doing a search on the knitty board for "Briggs and Little" so you might want to check that out. I might still try it!

Happy halloween and thanks for the card!
Your sp6


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