Monday, October 03, 2005

Okay...Again long time, no post!!!

It's not that I haven't been neglecting you. I didn't have any times reading blogs last week as I was so BUSY with evaluation meetings and ordered a lot of items for work. I'm so GLAD that all staff evaluations and fiscal year budget were OVER last Friday! I thought I would never get out of these work.

Today was my BEST day at work. I finally CLEANED and ORGANIZED my paperwork and my office look much better than last three months. I finally see the full carpet in my office. There were several boxes and papers stacked up on the floor. They are GONE!!! I have to admit that I'm organization clutter. (that's what my colleagues call me!!!)

Dang!!! I want to show you some pictures of my socks that I completed last Friday. My camera battery died on me!!! I finished knitting the felted snowman but I need to felt it first. Need to get the orange wool yarn for the nose, too. Now, I have very good reason to go to LYS this week to get the orange yarn! I promise myself not to buy any more YARNS! I have way way toooooo many yarns in my craft room!

So anyway, I'm back and much alive!!! I'm going to post some pictures tomorrow - both knitting and non-knitting pixs! And I know I have news to share with you this Wednesday! Stand by!!!


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