Wednesday, September 07, 2005

And the Secret Pal is......

.... I have been spoiling Jesse this summer. It was so much fun lurking at his blog and I found him very talented fair isle knitter and REAL cool guy!!!! I love the way he writes his blog. I read 100 things about him and found that there are few things we are so much common. No wonder, I love that man!!!!

I still don't know who is my Secret Pal but she (or he) keeps in touch with me through emails and agreed that she will send me the last package later this month which is perfectly fine with me.

I'm exicted that I will be teaching Beginner Knitting class at Gallaudet University. Few people have expressed that they want to learn how to knit, some needs to polish up their skills and some want to learn how to read the pattern. I'm thrilled as it was my dream to teach people how to knit. I may teach quilting class later this year along with other instructor. I will let you know as soon as the details will come.

My boss and I recieved the free tickets to Nationals game for tomorrow night. I'm so exicted that I will use my "knitting" time tomorrow night while watching baseball game. Maybe knitting another sock? Hmmm...maybe shawl? Hmmmm.... I have not decided which one???????

Happy HUMP day!!!


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