Sunday, September 11, 2005

Weekend Knitting and Painting

(Carl- my boss, Craig, my DH and Paul, my BEST friend)

We went to see the Washigton Nationals (vs. Florida Marlins) game last Thursday. The weather was so PERFECT. The Nationals team played poor. So embarassing for the team but I really had a great time with three crazy guys!!!! I'm so glad that Paul came. He normally decline the offers to go to the games. I tend call Paul as my "brother". We know each other since 1988 and work in same departments for more than 16 years. Paul is adminstrative assistant to Dean of Student Affairs which is my boss, Carl. So what did I do while the crazy guys watching the games. I knitted and drank beer!!!
I decided to try to make the "Pop Up Paws" gloves. The instruction is very clear and it's really challenge for me as it is my first time knitting fingerless glove. The thumb looks huge but it fits me perfect! I'm so curious when I'm done with the first glove.

The instruction book I brought from the LYS few months ago. If you or your friend want the copy: you can contact Skacel Collection - Phone number is (425) 291-9600 or e-mail

I had so much fun yesterday with my friend, Sue. She is one of the member of "Crazy Crowd Craft" group. We meet once a month making something but we didn't meet since last May. We were supposed to make this project last June but Sue's hubby was in bad car accident. Thanks God, he is alright. We were not able to meet last three months due to time conflict. We finally met yesterday and finished the board. I really love the primitive designs. The pattern was found in the "Create & Decorate" magazine. I was eyeballing for this project for one year and finally made it. We spent all night painting the wood. This morning, I finalized the last touch of the work. I hung it up in the kitchen along with other Nations theme in the room.

Pattern: One Nation Evermore
Magazine: Create & Decorate, August 2004
Materials: arylic paints and pine board

Happy knitting! I'm going to back to work on the glove now. My DH is out with my boss watching Redskins game. No fair!!! But I'd rather staying home and knitting instead stuck in the heavy traffic before and after the game!


At 7:17 AM, Blogger Lolly said...

Those gloves are great!

At 11:42 AM, Blogger Heather said...

I love those. they'd be perfect for driving or snowboarding!


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