Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Long Time No Blog Post!!!

Just a short note.....

Sorry, I don't mean to worry you, but I'm fine. I'm so swamped at work for last two weeks with the fiscal year budget report and staff evaluations. Things are really CRAZY at work lately. Hopefully I will get my life back this weekend by catching up all the emails, reading blogs and knitting.

So sad, not too much knitting over the week and weekend but I got one sock almost done!! I gave up knitting "Paw Up" mitten as I have trouble understanding the instruction. I hope I will find someone who can help me with it. Maybe Jerri Lyn can help me!!! Yo! Jerri Lyn, are you free this Sunday??

Oh oh... two GREAT news!!!

* I got in Secret Pal 6!!!!! I signed up and realized that I missed the deadline. They put me on the waiting list and finally told me that I'm IN!!! Yay!!!! Good way to meet new people and enjoy the surprise goodies!!! I love to spoil people.

* Stephanie Pearl-McPhee's newest book "Yarn Harlot" arrived! That book is so hilarious!!! I love her so much as I'm not alone!!! I know she would be my BEST friend!!! The book is a MUST!!! It will make you laugh!

I better go now as I need to get some sleep. Tomorrow will be the longest day at work!!!!


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