Thursday, October 13, 2005

Knitting Class

Today is my first day of teaching Basic Knitting class at Gallaudet University. At first, I was not sure how many people want to learn how to knit. I decided to offer free class. 9 people signed up for the class. 2 out of 9 people know how to knit but they need refreshing skills. It took me 30 minutes to teach them how to cast on the needles. I realized that it's really hard to show them how to cast on while I communicated with them through sign languages. I have to teach them individually. Poor two ladies, it took them an hour to understand how to case on the needles. Two outsiders observed my class and asked me if they can assist me with the class. Bless them!!!

After the class, the students begged me that they want me to teach one or two projects. I offered the class for 4 weeks this semester. Of course, I will get paid for the class. Hoooaaarrryyyy!!!! More money means more yarns for me!!!

One young student asked me that she would like to be my assistant. Of course, I hired her immediately. She will come and help me with the class for next four weeks. She shared with me that she grew up knitting with her mother, grandmother, aunts and cousins. I would love to see her work.

I must share with you that a young man walked by and saw us knitting. He stood and watched us for 15 minutes. He asked me if men are allowed to join the knitting class. Of course, I welcome any men in my class. He was so thrilled and asked me when my next class is. He will sign up for the class as he mentioned that he wants to prove his own mother that he could do anything independently. I thought it was cute. He wants to learn how to knit scarf. I told my hubby about him and he rolled his eyes!!! Dang, I would love seeing my hubby knitting!!

I had a great time although it was a lot of work.

Tomorrow is FRIDAY!!!! Yay... more knitting time for me!


At 11:17 AM, Blogger Lolly said...

That is so great that you are teaching! Sounds like it is quite successful too--you have your own assistant! :) That is great!


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