Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Here is the pixs as I promise.......

Non-Knitting News.... Bye-bye, Prelude 1982!!!

Craig brought used car in May 1988 in Kansas. He was so proud and brought it over to Washington, DC. He convinced me to move to DC from New York where I taught 8th graders in deaf school.

I decided to move down in DC to be near with him in August 1988. He let me driving his car for few months till I brought myself my own car.

Craig loved the car so much and took real good care of his car for years and years till.....

it became real old and rusty. Craig had hard time to let it go when he brought brand new SUV five years ago. I complained and complained that the poor ugly car parking in front of our house was really eyesore!!

Craig finally let it go last week. We decided to donate to the foster home organization. Poor him, he was so heartbroken and missed his old car. Funny, I felt so strange seeing no ugly car parked on our driveway!

Bye bye, Prelude 1982!!!!

Tomorrow, we will say "Bye bye, Accord 1985!"
Yeah, I gave away my old car tomorrow to different charity organization. I don't miss it as I love my Honda CRV so much!!! (Craig is taking pictures of my old car!!! - I guess I will post it this week!)

Now, Knitting Related News!!!!

I HEART SOCKS!!!! I'm addicted to sock knitting!!!

It took me a week to finish a pair of sock!! I really like Knit Picks - Simple Stripes. I don't know why I picked out that colors. Too loud for me but I love the design so much! I wore it last weekend and love them so much although the colors are tooooooooo loud for me! I would not wear it in public!

The stripes are almost perfect match!

Pattern: Knitting Pure & Simple - Beginner's Lightweight Socks
Yarn: Knit Picks Simple Stripes (75% superwash wool, 25% nylon)
Color: Sweet Tarts
Needle I used: 16" circular - size 2

Now I'm knitting another sock - same design as the loud ones but smaller size. I used different yarn from Knit Picks - Sock Garden. (100% Merino Wool)

Again I want to say this again.... I really HEART socks!!!!

Tomorrow is my favorite day - check it out tomorrow for more details!!!


At 7:16 PM, Anonymous Jerri Lyn said...

PAH!!! on the cars. Took you two long enough! Now your HOA can get off your backs. (I'm kidding!) And I HEART the socks!!! *grin* But knitting them, I'll leave to you!


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