Friday, November 18, 2005

Vacation Begins Today!!!

I'm sooooooooooo happy that I'm off today till Wednesday, November 30th!!!! We decide to go down to Florida this Monday morning. Actually, we plan to go this Sunday till my DH paged me this morning that he forgot that he promised his friends that we would go to Redskins game this Sunday!!! Darn!!! I can't believe that we forgot all about it. But that's alright because I'm on vacation!!!! I spent all morning to do some errands - haircut, post office to hold the mail, and bank to get moola!! I definitely will bring several projects with me during the trip in Florida!!!!

Yesterday was last day of knitting class. I had so much fun teaching people how to knit. I'm very pleased with few ladies completed their projects. They really want me to teach them again in spring semester. Of course, I would be happy to do and plan to expand more classes - Basic Knitting, Intermediate class and Sock knitting class. Hopefully, we will create our Deaf Knitters gathering once a month.

Oh boy, I never feel soooooo happy that I don't have to go to work till Nov. 30th!!! I have sooo much knitting to do (not that I'm complaining but I'm soooooo happy!!!)

(p.s. - I moved Frappr to sidebar - join me!!!)


At 5:23 PM, Blogger nmblefngrs said...

I am totally there with you on the vacation thing. There's nothing like waking up on a weekday and not having to be anywhere. I've been on vacation since the 18th, but unfortunately I have to be back at work on Friday, the day after Thanksgiving...


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