Wednesday, November 23, 2005

I'm here in sunny place!!!


I'm in Sebring, Florida - 50 miles south of Orlando. The weather here is so FABULOUS!!! Sunny and warm!! We arrived here last Monday morning. We left last Sunday at 11 a.m. and drove all the way here. We stopped somewhere in Georgia for two hours taking nap. I told my DH that I rather be staying in the hotel and get 8 hours of sleep!!! My DH didn't want to because he was so excited to get here real fast! I know I'm wimp!

Last two days I haven't do anything but knitting!!!! I'm done with Everyday Cardigan but need to block the pieces first before I seam them together. I will do it when I get back to Maryland. I'm done knitting one Fuzzy slipper and plan to knit the second one. Let's recap on this from last entry that I posted last Saturday.

* Everyday Cardigan sweater- DONE!!!!
* Second sock needs to be completed to match the first sock- not yet
* Green yarns for Fuzzy Feet - One more to go!!!
* Red and white yarns for mini-stocking ornaments - I knitted one on the road last Sunday.... few more to go!!!
* White yarns for felted snowman - not yet
* Red yarn for socks (Nancy Bush's newest book) - not yet
* Grey yarn for DH's Hat- not yet

Hope you have a GREAT Thanksgiving day!!!


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