Tuesday, July 03, 2007

GREAT anniversary weekend for us!

I do so love a road trip.

I was so sick with bad colds and sore throat last week and didn't go to work for two days. I slept all day instead of knitting.

My DH asked me if we could get out of the house for the anniversary weekend and go somewhere in Pennyslvania by car. He thought I would feel better once I get out of the house. I thought we were supposed to go to Lancaster but my DH decided to wander to unknown back roads in PA. Good thing that we have our GPS. (I can't live without it!!!) I had no ideas where he plans to go but I trust him as long as he allowed me to knit.

Knitting project was on my lap in the car all day on Saturday! I finished the back piece on Friday night. Working on front piece was faster. I had my personal note to be sure that I knitted the two front pieces match perfectly.

I laughed so hard when my DH stopped the interaction and acted silly. He exaggerately said to me "Look left...look right....look left again!" without knowing that there is a sign posted up! I wish I could take a picture of my DH's facial expression when I pointed the sign. At first, I thought he saw the sign and acted silly but he didn't know anything about the sign. Spooky!!!

The weather was so perfect. Real cool and less humid.

We went on back roads all the way from our house to somewhere in the PA. Real relaxing trip.

Pretty view up the air!

A lot of curve roads!

Driving toward the sun facing us.

See the GPS - warn us to expect a lot of curve roads.

Beauty clouds!

A lot of trees around us!

We decided to stop in Lewistown, PA for dinner. We spotted a real nice local restaurant as we passed by the bridge and noticed that there were a lot of people eating on the porch by the restaurant. We decided to go back and stopped at the Waterfront Tavern.

When we entered in the restaurant, the hostess asked us if we had our reservation. I told the hostess that we were out of state and passed by this place. She told us she would see if she could squeeze us in the spot as there were so many people there. We waited for ten minutes and she brought us perfect spot on the porch. She warned us that it was busy night because of the firework event. She told us that we could see the firework from the spot we sat. We were so thrilled that she made us our night so special.

DH had hard time making decision on what he would like to order.

I had no problem picking out what I want to drink and eat for dinner.

I had Lump Crab Cakes with a lot of vegetables. Sooooooo DELICIOUS!!!!!!!!!!

We were so stunned that we had a real PERFECT view to fireworks.

We had our desserts and watched the fireworks for 30 minutes. So romantic for our 18th year annivesary! We stayed at the hotel in State College - only 5 blocks from Penn State Universary.

On Sunday , we spend all morning strolling around the campus at Penn State and had a lunch in downtown of State College.

On way back home, we stopped at the Harley Davidson store.
Driving back home from State College was so nice and the weather was perfect! I was sooooo thrilled that I finished all pieces of Surplice Lace top.
Next, some seams and a neckband and it'll be done. Maybe tomorrow or this weekend...depend on how I feel. I'm still coughing.

Wish you all a happy Fouth of July!!!!!


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