Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Crazy Crowd Crafts Group Recap

Now, it's time for me to reveal what I made for my crazy friends. As part of our traditions, we made and exchanged the gifts, ornaments and pins. We celebrated our 10th year annivesary of our gathering. I'm very lucky to have three great friends who share passion of making crafts and lot of laughs.
Pins - It's amazing that you could see the face on the white part. I made three layers of clay and used rubber stamp with three different colors of ink on it.

I painted "Primitive Blessing" wood plague. Pineapple is one of my favorite collections.

Snowman ornaments (made of cloth)

Look what I got from my precious friends.......

Pineapple pin (sculpey) from Debbie
Flower pin (made of wool fabric) from Sharon
Pumpkin pin (made of sculpey) from Sue

Wool pumkin ornament (made of wool fabric) from Sharon
Primitive mitten ornament (made of fabric) from Sue
Santa ornament (made of sculpey) from Debbie

Sharon got me a beautiful Thanksgiving penny rug. (made of wool)

Debbie made sheep out of paper mache for us.

Sue made pumpkin with witch's boot (made of fabric and stuffing).

Aren't they beauty? I really can't wait to decorate them in the fall.

We spent three days and nights working on many projects. We made several projects for 4 days.
Primitive Heart with Kissing Crows

Jack O'Cattern

Annies Hugging

Bunny Penny Rug

Guordy Gang Penny Rug

We took a field trip to several stores. We even stopped two yarn shops - Knit Stop and Mass. Ave Knit Shop. I brought two Tao yarns for the scraf. My friends brought several yarns for the felted bag they saw at the display from the Mass. Ave Knit Shop. They were so lucky that the yarns were on sale.

Sue, Debbie, me and Sharon stopped at Cheesecake Factory for dinner and drinks.

They surprised me with the cake for my early birthday.

Last day of our gathering before we flew back home. We had so much fun and are looking forward to get together again next year at Sue's place.

One more project that I didn't finish. I'm going to finish it this week and will share the picture once I'm done.

Tomorrow, I will share with you some of really cool pictures of my trip to West Virginia with my DH.


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