Friday, July 20, 2007


I'm taking two weeks off from work!! I really don't remember when I ever take two "straight" week off but I deserve this! It has been so stressful at work that I don't really want to talk about it.

So....what will I do for two weeks? Tomorrow morning, I will fly to Indianapolis with my friend, Sue for our annual CRAZY CROWD CRAFTS gathering. I worked so hard for last two weeks to complete the gifts for my crazy ladies. Part of our traditions, we exchange the gifts, ornaments and pins. All of the items HAVE to be handmade by us!! I can't not reveal to you what I made for my friends because they read my blog. (*Hello Sue, Debbie and Sharon*) So, I'm so ready for all the laughter, silly and make new projects with my friends.

Next Wednesday after my trip from Indianapolis, my DH and I will go to Morganstown, West Virginia for the Bike Event on my birthday weekend. It will be our "mini" vacation. My DH could not take two weeks off from work but can take few days off to celebrate my birthday weekend.

We will be back on Monday after my birthday weekend, I will have few days to myself - definitely get my haircut, clean out the clutter closets, update my blog and more knittings!

I really want to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my sweet sister, Kimbo!!!!

This is my FAVORITE picture that I took it last June when my DH and I went up to visit my family. She looks soooooo FABULOUS for 47 years old!!! I love you with my whole HEART, Kimbo!!!!!! Happy Birthday!!!!

Have a GREAT weekend!!! Happy Knitting and Stay Cool!!!!


At 10:54 PM, Blogger Gwen said...

Hi Susan! You don't know me, but I was your secret pal two or three summers ago—the one who sent you coffee and licorice :) And then I went MIA on you. I was going through a divorce and I'm not proud of the way I handled things. I wanted to apologize for disappearing on you, and to say that I've always enjoyed reading your blog. I'm glad you're taking a vacation and I hope you have a fantastic time!


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