Sunday, January 22, 2006

Part Two ---- Crazy Crowd Crafts Group

Continued from yesterday's post.........

Final pins from my CRAZY friends
Sue made us "Witch" pin. She loves to collect witch decoration.

Sharon made us Santa pin (from rug hooking)

Debbie used sculptery to make the reindeer pin.

Aren't they pretty? I really love wearing pins!!!

We started knitting "Everyday Cardigan" sweaters right away after we opened the gifts. We knitted till 2:30 in the morning and got up at 8 a.m. and knitted more all morning till Noon.

I wish I could take picture of their beautiful Peace Fleece yarns. We all agree that we have to finish them and wear the sweaters on our next gathering at Debbie's house in 2007.

After lunch, we started making many more projects together all day and all night. I'm not kidding.... we stayed up till 2:30 or 3:00 in the morning and got up at 8:30 a.m.!! So much fun and lots of laughter.

Field Trip to Occoquan, Virginia. Occoquan is a special place offering antiquing, fine shopping and dining. Dang! I didn't take any pictures there. We stopped in Old Town. I took them to Knit Happens. Of course, we brought some yarns for the scarves and socks. We stopped to eat Fish Market for dinner. Seafood Stew was so heavenly GOOD!

I took them to All About Yarn on Sunday. Naturally, we brought more yarns!!!

Poor Debbie, her yarn was tangled that we all helped to save the yarn. My DH joined helping us. Took 30 minutes to save the yarn. Debbie was that close to throw the yarn away but we convinced to fix the yarn. It came out fine and she knitted happily making beautiful scarf.

Final Projects we made ................ we decided to make Halloween theme projects this year(except for Santa that we can not resist to make one)

Primitive Christmas Santa (not finished)

Spooky Bob the Flying Cat!!!

Bubba Bat

Raggedy Witch

Mischievous Cat Doll

Finally, we made picture frames.... very simple project... Pick the color you like - paint on the wooden frame (I purchased the frames in Michael's) - let it dry then add "Rub Ons" word on the frame. You can find hand-lettered rub-on words in Michael's by scrapbooking section. I made four frames - "Determination", "Giggle", "happiness" and "Laughter" I have not put the pictures in these frames yet.

Crazy Crowd Crafts Ladies 2006

The weekend went by like a breeze. After the ladies left, I experienced Crazy Crowd withdrawal. My DH was so concerned that I was very quiet and sad. Oh boy, the house is really quiet without my crazy friends. I really cherish my crazy friends and am looking forward to next gathering at Debbie's pad next year. Debbie and Sharon hope to come down in first weekend of May for Sheep and Wool Festival.

I'm working on second sweater "Everyday Cardigan". I have not seam the first sweater yet. Hopefully I will finish it up before I finish the second one!

Happy Knitting!!!!!


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