Monday, December 12, 2005

Busy busy busy bee!!!!

It was fast weekend for me. I spent all day on Saturday and Sunday cleaning around the house, especially in the library, exercise room, guest room, and craft room. I finally got rid of many books and crafts that I made (that no longer in my style!) I'm almost done with X-mas shopping. I'm not done with my DH's family. I don't know what to get them. I'm done with my family easily because they gave me the list what they need/want for X-mas! I mailed the last third package to my Secret Pal 6 this morning. The Secret Pal activity is over and I can not wait to reveal to my spoiler (as soon as she gets the package from me). My Secret Pal emailed me that the package is on the way. She seems think that I know her but I have no idea who is my Secret Pal yet. I don't know if I overlooked any hints from her. Strange that I have not heard from my Secret Pal 5. She emailed me that she would send me the last package last September and I have not received. I emailed her several times and no words from her. I even contacted the SP5 coordinator asking if my SP5 is alright. She would get back to me with the information but I still have not heard anything. I do hope that my SP5 is alright. (SP5, please email me if you are alright and I will ease my mind off)

My computer internet acted up crazy since Wednesday. My DH fed up and called the Comcast last Saturday to find out what's up with the system. They had no ideas why but sent someone to check outside lines today. Seems the internet is cooperating with me and most important is that I can post some pictures!!! Yay!!!

Knitting Content........ I'm in love with lace sock!!! Purple one!!

Close Up: Sorry it's blurry

Interweave Knits: Winter 2005

Embossed Leaves Socks

Lorna's Lace Shepard Sock yarn

Size 2 needles

Last Friday, I was so tired but not tired enough to go to sleep (if you know what I mean). I looked up Creative Knitting magazine that I got from the mail two week ago. I saw the cool dishcloth and realized that I have Lion Cotton Yarn in my stash basket. Good thing I did because I brought three yarns that I was not sure what to make. There were big sale at Michael's last summer and I believed I brought them for one dollar each. I knitted right away and it was FAST!!!

Holiday Swirl Dishcloths

Creative Knitting - January 2006 - page 74

Lion Brand Yarn - Lion Cotton 100% Pure Cotton

Size 7

Santa Claus is coming to town.......

Hmmm....there are tooooooo many Santas in the house. Yup, I collect Santas for years. I'm obsessed with Santas. I either buy or make Santas every years. Also, I got many Santas gifts from my family and friends. My DH is worried that tooo many eyes are on him every day.

We got a new tree this year....this time we got the skinny one. We used to have a big FAT tree that took up the space in the living room. My DH could not believe that I put over 150 Santa ornaments on that skinny tree. He thought I would give up some. I would never never never give up the ornaments. Yes, I would be gladly accepted new more ornaments for X-mas or buy more after X-mas sale. I know this is sign of my illness. My doctor doesn't see there is nothing wrong with me!!!

I asked my DH to pick out which ornament is his FAVORITE! Guess what! The Naked Santa!! LOL!!!!

All Santas that I made are sitting around the tree. Yup, they are sitting on chairs!!!

I must show you my DH's stocking. His grandma made the stocking for him when he was little boy. The stocking hung up every year when he grew up. I never knew about it till last year when we were down Florida for his family's Christmas gathering. His mother went through the boxes and found stockings for their children and their spouses. She decided to give away to her children and spouses to keep. We are so thrilled to have the stockings back. The stocking Grandma made is very precious to my DH. My mother-in-law brought me the stocking as soon as we got married. She knew how much I love Santa. Last year, I learned something new about him. He loves CAT!!!! I was so surprised that he never told me. He knew that I'm allergic to cats and didn't bother to bring it up how much he loves the cat. Darn, I wish I could get him a cat. I know nothing about cats.

Aren't they cute!!?

That's Jerri Lyn . I was not able to post her picture on her birthday last week. Isn't she beautiful!! I love her!!!


At 7:04 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I never know if I'm giving out hints or not! i'm tracking your package and it should be there soon! Canada post lets you keep tabs on the packages you send out, which is kind of fun! Your friend is very pretty and that is an awful cute little doggie! I have the perect dog sweater pattern for a dog that size if it is hers, I will have to share it with you!

I like the idea of the omniscient santas - the eyes! the eyes! the naked one is awful cute! have to show it to my bf he always accuses me of being a nudist!

Your sp6!

At 9:34 AM, Blogger nmblefngrs said...

I love that tree! So many ornaments...My partner insists on having a theme for our tree, so I never get to put up all the ornaments that I'd like to.

At 5:54 PM, Blogger Lissa said...

I love all your santas! i think the naked one is funny too. I like those hook things you hung your stockings on. I have never seen them until about two years ago when i went to oklahoma with my DH to his mothers house. in my family, we always lay them out on the couch. I think they are a good idea, and very cute! happy holidays!


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