Saturday, December 03, 2005


It's SNOWING!!!! Yay..yay..yay!!!! I love snow but not the wet snow!!! I love to look out the window while it's snowing. Perfect day to stay inside drinking hot coffee and knitting.

Sorry for the delay...

I looked and looked for my digital camera battery and charger everywhere in the house when we got back from Florida. This morning, I found them in my DH's tote bag! Grrrr!!! I would never guess where he put there in first place!

I was so disappointed that many pictures that I took when we were down in Florida didn't come out clear....either too dark or too blurry!! Only few good pictures of my DH and two dogs that belong to my brother-in-law and his wife.

Here are the pictures I promised....
Two beautiful German Shepard dogs - Reilly and Zoey. Reilly loves water so much - more than Zoey. She doesn't like to be wet.

So funny to watch them. Reilly knows how to catch the water from the water gun!!!

Zoey was trying to get the water gun away from my DH. He succeed getting it and hiding it from us.

Knitting News...

I accomplished few things when I was down there in Sunshine place.

Everyday Cardigan sweater. I have not blocked them yet. I hope I will do it this weekend.

Simple Wool Hat for my DH

That one I knitted on Black Friday. I started at midnight and finished it just before we came back home from shopping.

Fuzzy Feet Slippers - I have not felt them yet.

Two little ornament stockings - I used Size One and Three to make two different sizes. I like the smallest one. I intend to make more stockings to hang on my tree.

I finally finished one Peak n' Valley sock! The instruction is so easy but I hurt my wrist from knitting that sock.... not sure if the yarn is not pleasant to knit or the needle was so small for me to knit. I have to make one more sock - I'm not going to make it right away. My poor wrist needs a break!!

On the Needles....

I'm working on other sock. I got the Interweave Knit magazine (Winter 2005) in the mail last Saturday and fell in love with thE Embossed Leaves Socks - page 96. I knitted right away yesterday. It's soooooo easy and FUN!!! I'm using purple Lorna's Lace yarn.

I'm going to finish it tonight for sure.... 14 more rows before toe part.

Stay warm and happy knitting!!!


At 6:25 PM, Anonymous jerrilyn said...

Interweave Socks: I saw those and thought of you! Wow, you are quick getting started on that one! *smile* I've been very sporadic with my knitting ... things have been so busy. Hopefully when school is done, I'll have time to do some fun stuff like knitting! I finished Audrey and Klaralund 2, just need to SEAM! Blech. and still stuck on the neckline instructions in the Vogue Sweater I was knitting (hot pink one!). I want to knit my next sweater with the pretty variegated yarns I bought at the Sheep and Wool last May! *hurry up, vacation time!*


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