Friday, December 30, 2005

** Photos Time **

I downloaded over 180 pictures and picked out few pictures to share with you. We had so much fun spending with my parents and Kimbo. I miss them already and wish that the time doesn't fly too fast!!!

My sister, Kimbo came home from Boston. My mom greeted her!!

Pretty Tree at my parents' house!

I love this picture so much. You could see my parents' faces when my mom got the socks I knitted. My mom was so thrilled and I'm relieved that the socks fit her well.

Kimbo got the socks I knitted!!!

Look what Santa brought me.... (I knew they were from my parents! *wink!*)

A Year of Mittens book

Sock Blockers

How to Knit Socks on 2 Circular Needles DVD with the instruction book

Craig got me Denise Needle Kit.

I got really nice gifts from my family, friends and Craig's family.

Look Kimbo knitting!!! I let her to finish up the dishcloth I made. She did a great job!!

Family Trip to see the House On The Rock! We were there twenty years ago and decided to come back to see the house. I want to show my hubby about the house. Three hours tour!!! So much things to see around the house, especially collectibles of many things. There were over 6,000 collectibles of Santas during Christmas time.

Me and my best friend, Santa!!! I wish I could bring him over to my house!!!

My parents and Scottish Santa!

Last day of our vacation!! One week is toooo short for me!!! Wish we could stay there longer!


At 7:51 AM, Blogger Laurie said...

You might have seen from my blog that I got Denise needles too - aren't they fab! I got lots of nice things, including 2 skiens of 70%merino and 30% Possum fur!! yarn! Not sure what I will do with that, it is a lovely purple and very soft tho! Hope we can keep in touch, I don't know many knitters here in Halifax so its nice to see what others get up to! Great family photos! Love the sock pics especially! merry xmas, Laurie, your sp

At 12:38 PM, Anonymous Brenda said...

Always feels good when handmade gifts go over so well.
Happy New year Susan!


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