Saturday, January 21, 2006

Sleepless Nights and Lots of PHOTOS!!!

Haven't posted in ages!!! I was busy preparing and hosting 10th gathering of Crazy Crowd Crafts. I had SO MUCH fun chatting, laughing, dancing silly and making lots of stuff with my three CRAZY ladies!!!! Poor Craig, he was so sick with flu for a week and half.

Here are several snaps of what we did and made during the weekends.

Sue from Maryland, Debbie from Indiana, Sharon from New York and I started celebrating our 10th gathering.

We exchanged our gifts, ornaments and pins after dinner.

I made Penny Rug table runner for each of my crazy friends.

Debbie got us Scupltury Snowman that she made.

Sue gave us the Starry Night Pillow that she sewed.

Sharon, the rug hooking expert, made us the Easter pillow.

Ornaments Exchange
Sharon got us the Halloween Stocking ornament. How cool is that???

Debbie made us the Scary Snowman (made of sculptery).

Brillant Sue got us the recycled lightblub ornament that she added "Crazy Crowd Crafts 2006" on it.

I knitted them little Christmas stocking ornaments for their trees.

Pins Exhanges -

I painted the starfish snowman for each of the ladies. I collected the starfish several years ago when I visited North Carolina. I thought it is so cute to add some colors and hat on it.

Geez..... I'm not able to download more pictures..... I better stop now before I lose the information. More photos to come soon.


At 6:44 PM, Blogger Laurie said...

What a great way to use starfish! Everything looks awesome! Glad you had crafty fun,
your ex-secret pal


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