Sunday, January 27, 2008


I'm so brave to make FRENCH meat pie!!!!

Traditionally, my family had meat pies on every Thansgiving Day, Christmas Day and New Year Day. I grew up loving to eat meat pies. I never made my own meat pie although my mother gave me the recipe when I got married almost 19 years ago. Ever since, I was so scared of making one (or am afraid to make it that may taste blah!!!!)

When I got married, my hubby never heard of meat pie and I always brag about the world best meat pie my mother made. When we were in my parents' house for the holiday, I encouraged him to try it. He was relucant at first but tried to taste it. He was surprised that he really likes it. He told me that he was looking forward to eat my mother's pies. I didn't have any guts to make ones although the recipe looks so simple to make ones.

Every time my parents come down to Maryland for visit, I begged my mom to make several pies. She is so sweetheart that she was so happy making several pies for us. I never get chance to make more after my parents left.

Ever since Christmas Day, I dreamed and craved for the meat pies!!! I could not find the recipe and contacted my mom to email me the recipe few weeks ago. This morning, I decided to go to grocery and brought some items to make the meat pies. I spent all afternoon cooking the meat. My hubby told me that he remembered the strong smell from the kitchen that my mother made and could not wait to taste it. I'm really so proud that the meat pies came out perfectly!!! Craig ate three pieces and gave me a BIG thumb up!!! I'm going to save last piece of pie for lunch tomorrow. I put the last whole pie in the freeze till Valentine's Day. I'm so proud and I bet my family are proud of me!!!

Now, I know I'm not scared of making meat pies anymore!!!!


At 4:36 PM, Anonymous Kayla said...

Meat pie sounds really good.

Would you e-mail the recipe to me. I want to try it too.


At 8:38 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey there, girlfriend! Your meatpie sounds awesome! Hands waving to you for being courageous to make them yourself! I'd love to try making one myself. Mind sharing your recipe?

Your forever crazy craft friend!!


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