Sunday, November 04, 2007

Did I miss anything?

Oh yeah... no blog post in October!!! I'm so sorry for my long absence!

Yup... I'm very much ALIVE!! It's the same damned excuse. Work work work. I just fell out of rabbit hole and barely get out of "stormy" job. So much work to do and little time knitting. I thought things are quiet down after the fiscal year but due to budget problems, I was not able to hire three full time staff. Which means more work for me and my team!!! Sadly, I have to go back to "live" on campus tomorrow for another week.

OK, I know I don't have a big excuse for not blogging as regularly lately, but the real reason is ... RAVELRY!!! OMG!! OMG!! I feel like a little kid who can't stop playing with a new toy - it is amazing! I've overwhelmed. I am trying to get all my stash, projects, etc., to get pictures. I MUST get new camera as mine stinks!!. I enjoy reading their ideas with others who share similar interests in patterns or other outside interests. And I just keep gathering projects to the point where my head is about to explode from trying to figure out what I should make next! I wish I could quit my job and become full time knitter!!!

My code name is susanknits04 if anyone wants to add me to their network.

One of these days, I'll have a FO to show you!! Stay tuned!!

Happy Knitting!


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