Saturday, August 11, 2007

Where did the week go?

It was soooo hard to go back to work last Monday after a blissful two weeks vacation. Yuck!! Ack!! Waaahhh!!! *sniffling* I'm sad that my vacation was so over! I really hate to feel"stressed" again especially getting ready for the new semester begins. This month will be "crazy" time of the year, especially getting involved in the trainings, making sure that all rooms in the residence halls are ready for new and returning students to check in, and classes will begin on August 26th!

I finally got my hair perm last week. I decided to let my hair grow longer this time. I'm happy with the result because I don't have to worry about spending a lot of time curling my hair.

One craft and one knitting Finished Objects.....

Here is the last project I completed with the painting on lamp cover from our Crazy Crowd Craft group's project. I lovelovelovelove it!!!! I will add buttons in the jar later.

I painted four different pictures on the wooden lampshade. This one is my favorite - birdhouse with twine and star.

"Tomato" by Wendy Bernard (Knitting Daily has a free pattern) I decided not to add second color for the stripe. I don't want to wear stripe top because I would look much wider!!

Wish my DH is home to take right's hard to do it alone with long mirror! I really like the top so much...little bit heavy to wear it for summer but it would be perfect for cool weather. So easy to knit and it was my first time knitting top down project. I used three and half skeins of Cotton Fleece (Brown Sheep) yarn.

On the Needles......

Taos Cabled scarf - I brought two balls of Crystal Palace Yarns - Taos in Indianapolis. I saw the scarf display in the Mass. Ave Knit Shop and am in love with the textured look. I completed one ball on my birthday while my DH drove me down to southern part of West Virginia. I intend to complete the scraf on next road trip.

Montego Bay Scarf - I have the Debblie Bliss Pure Silk yarns that I brought in New Hampshire last June and thought the pattern is perfect for that yarn. I started it while the hairdresser fixed my hair. I didn't pick it up ever since I got home from hair perm.

Now, what's next?? I'm working on vest that I have been obsessed with cables lately. Good thing that I found the right yarns that I left them in the stash for years!
Veste Everest - Interweave Knit - Fall 2005
I'm using Jo Sharp Silkroad DK Tweed yarns.
So far, this is my best knitting therapy ever since I go back to work last Monday.

I recieved the Interweave Knits in the mail last week. I found four patterns that I really want to knit.

I really love that sweater. I really want to use Peace Fleece yarns and I'm not sure if these yarns are right for that sweater. Guess I will have to check the gauge first.
So pretty...not sure if I have enough yarns from my stash.
Ohh ohhh...I really love cabled sock!! I believe I have two Green Mountain Spinnery Vermon Organic yarns in my craft room.
Yes, yes, yes!!! Definitely this will be on my list!!!! I think I may have same color of yarns in my stash!!!

Today, I'm so crafty mood especially want to make something for Halloween decorations. I received Create and Decorate magazine few days ago and found several patterns that I want to make. My DH is out riding with his friends to Little Orleans, WV for the weekend. Today should be a good day for me to spend some times with crafts, and will go out dinner with my friends.
Have a GREAT weekend and Happy Knitting!!!


At 9:04 PM, Blogger Kerry said...

I love your hair!!! It looks so nice!

Tomato is awesome without the stripe. I was wondering how it would look without it because I thought the same thing for me. Stripes just don't work. LOL


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