Thursday, August 02, 2007

Birthday Weekend Recap

No knitting news this time but I promise I will post my latest knitting progress tomorrow. We went down to Morgantown, West Virginia. It was approximately 4 hours drive from our house. It is so nice about going on road trip because I have plenty of time knitting while my DH enjoys driving.

We stopped at Triple S - Harley Davidson where is the headquarter of the Bike Event.

Next to that store, there was a big fence around where huge dirty pig's home. Don't ask me why it is there next to the store. Really gross to look at it. Sorry that you have to see this!!!! Yup, it is much alive in case you may wonder!

We stopped at Mylan Park where there were vendors selling motorcyle stuff. The weather was so lousy. It rained all day on Friday It was my first time riding in the rain and I realized I didn't really enjoy it although my DH was very cautious about riding in the rain.

We went back to Triple-S Harley Davidson store on Saturday to witness Willie G and his wife, the grandson of William A. Davidson, one of the original founders of Harley-Davidson came to sign his name on the wall of the where the artist spent two years painting of him.

My DH (orange T-shirt) was so thrilled to see Willie G. and his wife, Nancy walking pass him.

We decided to go southern of West Virginia after spending three days in Morgantown. There was not much to see in this area.

We stopped in Elkins, WV and checked in the motel. The weather was not great but we decided to go out for afternoon riding. It was my BEST day for my birthday although it was raining all afternoon. The rain finally stopped and the sky cleared up on time for us to arrive. Real breathtaking view of Seneca Rock Mountain.

We spent half hour looking and looking at beautiful mountain.

Good thing that we have our raincoats to keep ourselves dry!

Beautiful view

Beautiful sky

We ahhhed and ooohhhhed watching the sky colors changed.

I really enjoyed my birthday weekend especially spending with my DH. I'm so glad that my DH took me there.


At 2:23 PM, Blogger Sorka said...

The view is even better from the top of the rocks.. till you get stuck climbing down in the dark!! Yep.. it could only happen to me!
Beautiful gotta get down there again!


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