Wednesday, January 23, 2008


Long time no post!

I was stuck on campus resuming on call duty for one week two weeks ago and got very busy at work last week. The internet was down when I was staying in the dorm for a week. I was so happy that I spent every nights knitting Central Park Hoodie while watching Lost One and Two DVD. I was so happy to take last Friday off from work for a long weekend but I knitted very little because I was battling with sinus headaches. I started working on two secret projects. These projects will not reveal till this coming Christmas. No kidding but I have to start something since I joined the 12 months till Christmas group.

I'm sick for last two days with very bad sinus infections/head colds. I didn't knit for last two days but spent all afternoon today uploading some pictures of finished projects for Ravelry. I hope to take some pictures of stash this weekend. I'm not good in organizing with pictures on my laptop but I'm learning to organize it better.

I'm done with pieces of Central Park Hoodie and am waiting for the pieces to dry up before I seam the shoulders before completing the hood part. Seems that I have trouble with downloading some pictures. I will try it again tomorrow.


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