Wednesday, January 02, 2008

New Projects for 2008

I got back to work after a long blissful week off. Not many people show up at work but it was nice for me to catch up all the emails, mail and reorganized my files.

As I looked back the year of 2007, it was an unproductive knitting year for me. I didn't accomplish many projects as I was hoping for. Sadly, I knitted only 2.5 pairs of sock and the second one is still waiting for me to finish in 2007!

By the numbers, 2007's knitting from me yielded:
2.5 pairs of sock
3 sweaters
2 calorimetry hat
1 fingerless glove
1 baby hat
1 baby cardigan
2 scarves

Now, I'm so determined to have a great knitting year! I'v decided to join the Burnin' Up the Stash group and Twelve Month till Christmas group and hope to get inspiration by ravelry members to use up my stash for myself and gifts for my friends/family. I do have some ideas what to knit for my family. Cross my fingers that I will accomplish them this year!!

Here is my current knitting progress....
I spent my vacation time knitting Central Park Hoodie jacket. I finished the back and two front pieces. I'm on sleeves island now.

I use Jo Sharp Silkwood Aran Tweed yarn - Espresso. I got the yarn for good prices through the yarn swap as soon as I finished knitting the green vest. I really love the yarn so much. So soft!

Now, I'm going to knit the sleeves and watch "LOST - The Complete First Season" dvd now.
Happy Knitting and stay WARM!! It's freezing outside now.... Brrrr!!!!!!


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