Sunday, March 09, 2008

Back to Reality

We got back from the warmest place in Daytona Beach, Florida!! Dang!! I tried to bring the warm weather here but seems the sun followed us so far!

We had a GREAT time there!!! A lot of PHOTOS to share with you....

From Day One:

My DH looked so happy to leave the cold weather to warm place!!

I was happy knitting my new project, Ariann.

There were sooooooo many bikers, trailers with motorcycles, and RVs driving south on 95. We noticed something weird on the red vehicle.....something was missing in the front.

Ahhhh....that explains why!!!!

How cool is that?!!!!

We arrived Daytona Beach campground at 10:30 pm and parked our trailer next to new deaf couple from Michigan. They brought their fancy fifth wheel trailer. We shared little living room and kitchen on the campground. Two other deaf couples from Indiana stayed with us in few site away.

Second Day:

We went to Main Street where many bikers showed off their bikes down and up the street all day and night.

Cool bike with a lot of spikes from rear to biker's helmet to the front!!

The couple brought their dog along!

Beautiful view in the early evening!

Day Three:

We went to Daytona International Speedway where all the vendors were held.

My DH, Dave and Barbara from Michigan and Bobby from Kentucky

Policemen showed off their talents.

I love these trees so much!!!

Wonder why the Red Society ladies were doing at the Bike Event?
Day Four:

We rode by the coastline all day and stopped to see the Altantic Ocean.

Beautiful and sunny day!
Day Five: I forgot to bring my camera with me. We went out riding around the town and stopped several vendors to shop around.
Day Six:

Good thing that we checked out on Friday morning at 7 am before the rain poured down so hard. The couple from Michigan left at 5:30 am and paged me that they were stuck in Kentucky snowstorm. They dropped Bobby off and stayed overnight.
Poor DH, he was so tired from driving through nasty weather all day and decided to stop at Walterboro, South Carolina to stay overnight at the motel.
Day Seven:

The weather was so perfect but it was very windy all day!!!!
Till we entered Virginia...there was bad storm for a short time. Guess what my DH was doing???

We looked at beautiful rainbow!

During the trip, I knitted the sock instead of Ariann sweater.....

And reading blogs and ravelry through my pager.

Ahhhh we were so glad that we arrived home at 8 pm last night. Oh boy, we were soooooo tired!! It was worthwhile week for us!
Today I spent all afternoon unpacking, cleaning and washing clothes!!! No fun!!!
I'm not looking forward to go back to work tomorrow. Blaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!!!!
Happy Knitting!!!


At 8:19 PM, Blogger Kerry said...

Wow! Looks like you had a great time! And the sock is awesome! Can't wait to see the completed pair. No rush though. LOL


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