Thursday, July 24, 2008

BEST Crazy Crafty weekend!!

Finally....the internet is up and running fine. It was down last two days and my DH spent all night trying to fix it last night. Thanks to him that we don't need to contact the Comcast.

Recap of 11th Annual Crazy Crowd Crafts Weekend....

Last weekend was FABULOUS time for me!!!! The party begun last Thursday with a lot of beers, laughters and catching up news and the rest of 4 straight nights, we spent all day and night chatting, laughing, and making projects together.

Now I can show you what did I make last few weeks for my three dear friends.

I wrapped the gifts up for each friend.

Cross-stitching letter pin for Sue, Debbie, Sharon and myself.

Primitive snowman ornaments I could not remember where did I see the ornament - probably in one of the craft show. I really love it and memorized it to make ones for my friends. We all love primitive things.

I quilted the table runners and appliqued the wool on the runners. I made four of them and they took me forever to finish them. That's why I didn't knit for a while!

They love my gifts. I want to show you what my friends made for me.

Handmade Ornaments

Santa ornament - made of scupltry from Debbie
Annie ornament - made of wool fabric from Sharon
Primitive Santa - made of flannel fabric from Sue

Handmade Pins

Red beads heart made by Sue
"S" with lime green beads made by Debbie
Leaves with acorn button made by Sharon

Handmade Gifts

Reindeer wool penny rug made by Sharon I was shocked that I was that close to make one for them but I could not find the back issue of Fons and Porter magazine. Whew...that would be funny if we made same thing!

Debbie made Wool Tote Bag. I really love it so much and would definitely use it to put my yarn in my back while knitting something!!

Sue made sunflower/lady bugs wreath. I really love the smell that she used tea dyed fabrics with vanilla and cinnamon flavors.

Thursday night after dinner, we started working on new projects and stayed up till 2:30 am!!!
Flying Snowman

Jumpy Cat (not finished)
I need to find good old black frame to finish the penny rug. I need to complete cat's face.

Last Friday - we made several projects from 11 am to almost 3 am!!!

The weather was so perfect after dinner that we spent few hours stuffing dolls at the patio.
Primitive "Merry Crow" Santa

Primitive Halloween Doll - 28 inches tall
At midnight, we were so high energy and want to learn how to make bracelets and earrings. Sharon was our master teacher and taught us the tricks/tips on how to make bracelets.

Look what I made - my favorite color!!!

Now I know how to make them and definitely will make more bracelets and earrings in the future.
Last Saturday, we spent all day shopping and went out to eat in Mexican resturant.

After dinner, we finished the Primitive Cat

Don't I look so happy spending with my crazy friends? I always cherish my dear friends who share with my passions in crafting, spend hours making crafts and laugh all day and night.

Last Sunday, we spent all day and night in the garage working on the woodwork projects.
Sue and Sharon painted the birdhouses.
Sharon traced the alphabet letters on the wooden board
Sue used the bandsaw to cut the wood.
Debbie measured the letters from the overhead projector.
I painted the long wooden board.
The ABC wooden board and birdhouse are not completed but I will eventually finish them - hopefully this weekend! I will show you of my work after I'm done.
Monday was sad day for me to say goodbye to my friends but I will see them next year at Sharon's place in Rochester, New York. I'm so ready for next year because I had a real blast time!!!

Sharon, Debbie, Sue and me - Summer 2008
I have nothing to share with you on my knitting projects. I finally picked up the sleeves of Printed Lace Cardigan yesterday.
Tomorrow will be my last day of work before I take two weeks vacation. Yay yay!!!! Yup, we do have a big plan for our vacation. Will talk more later this week.
Happy Knitting!!!!



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