Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Great Escape

We really need break from stressful working environment and escaped to fanasty place at Raystown, PA. last weekend. We survived through heat waves!!! Bless my DH for bringing the fan along to keep us really cool under the trees.

That was our little home....we slept in the trailer and set up little tent to make a real home for two nights.

Ohhh...I really love with Coleman Coffee Maker!!!!! I can't live with it in the morning!!!! My DH knows me that I MUST MUST MUST have coffee ready before we start making breakfast.

My DH was the chef for the day. He made a nice hot breakfast while I enjoyed sitting and drinking coffee.

We spent all day riding harley through several national parks and old towns.

I brought knitting project with me but realized it was soooooooooo HOT to knit and the bugs kept bothering me!!! I spent two nights reading book - Sacajawea. I used to read that book when I was in High School. This is one of my all time favorite historical fictions. I lost track of my original book over the years lending it out but saw it in a bookstore and quickly brought another one.

My DH built up the bonfire to prepare for dinner while I could not put the book down reading!

We were so sad packing up and have to go back to real world!!! Goodbye to our campsite!

Beautiful view driving back home.
So peaceful and sooo green!!!
We love camping so much and hope to go back there real soon.
No knitting news as I have not touched them for days!!! I don't have any energy to pick up my knitting projects. Blame the weather for exhausting my energy!!!
Stay tuned for update knitting projects soon!
Stay cooooool!!!!! Happy Knitting!


At 8:15 AM, Blogger Karen said...

I love camping! I can't make my annual camping trip to NY this year, so I'll just drool over your pictures instead. I hear ya on the 'too hot to knit'.


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