Friday, May 23, 2008

Madison and I wish you a.....

Memorial Weekend!!!!!!
I could not resist this but want to share it with you all. My student got a new puppy named Madison for her graduation gift from her parents. She showed to my friend, Jerri Lyn. Jerri Lyn immediately told her to see me as she knew how much I really love mini-schauzher. I saw the student with her puppy. My heart MELTED and was almost dognapping from the student! I convinced the student to let me dogsitting on her graduation day. Madison was so joyful and I really enjoyed having her staying in my office all day long. She slept on my lap all morning. She was so playful for two hours then went back to sleep on my lap till her mama came and picked her up. Madison is 12 weeks old. I miss her already!!!!! *sniffling* Someday I will adopt two puppies!!!
I realized that I will be gone to Philadelphia next week for the conference. I will be back on Thursday night.
Have a GREAT weekend!!!!
Happy Knitting!!!


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