Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Blame Game

Sigh!!! It's one month since I've posted my blog. I have four good reasons and I really want to blame someone or something. *finger point*

Reason One: Since my last post, I had a great Spring Break productive week at work but didn't get much done as I was hoping for. The weather was soooooo unbelievable beautiful and warm. The leaves and flowers sprung out wildly. I was soooooo sick with bad colds, cough and sneezing all weekend. Guess what I blame to? Seasonal allergy!!!

Good News: I went to see the doctor hoping to get better medicine. He suggested me to buy Zyrtec-D. It was amazing that I feeeeeeeeel much much improved!!! No more blame on the weather!!

Reason Two: I spent two weekends cleaning cleaning cleaning my craft room and found several unfinished projects. Guess who I blame to? Me me me me!!!! I'm ashamed to admit that I'm terribly procrastinating and could not stay and finish on projects.

Good news: I reorganized my projects. I finished three out of six non-knitting projects.
Summer ABC cross stitching
Rug hooking snowman on wool penny rug

Wall quilt

Reason Three: I have not touched my knitting projects for two weeks. I have no motivation nor toooo busy at work that doesn't leave me any energy to pick up my knitting needles. Guess what/who I blame to? Unreasonable deadlines were given by my boss and Ravelry. I'm so addicted to Ravelry.

Good news: I finished two big reports for my boss. There is nothing you can do with me about Ravelry. I love love love love Ravelry so much!!! I wish I have 8 arms to knit many projects.

Reason Four: Last Saturday, my poor hubby was sooooo sick with nasty 48 hour bugs!!! I was the best nurse to take care of him. Guess what....I got that nasty mean mean bug last Monday night!!! I was so miserable with all the puke! Guess who I blame to? My own darling hubby who blamed his co-worker!!!! Grrrr!!!

Good news: I feel much improved today and am able to update my blog!!! Yay!!!

Okay...enough of blame game!! My parents taught me not to point my finger to anyone. Well, I did it tonight which made me feeling a lot better!!!

Now... Knitting-related photos that I was too lazy busy to post few weeks ago.

I finished two pairs of socks ...yes, two pairs!!!

I made another Baby Kimono for my colleague who just had a new baby two weeks ago.

I finally seamed the little bear and stuffed it. (see the silly pillow my DH got it for Xmas from his co-worker).
I'm too lazy to go up to my craft room to find the patterns and get the names of yarn of these projects I knitted. I promise I will give you the details of these projects this week. I won't go away and think of new excuses.
Happy Knitting!!! Stay healthy!!!


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