Monday, May 05, 2008

MDSW Recap

Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival is over already!!!! Waaahhhh!!! Seems that the weekend went too fast after waiting for one year since I was there.

I went there last Saturday all myself although I wish my friends could join with me. One had paper dues for her classes and one participated in Avon Walk weekend. Two had prior commitments and could not come this year. I left at 9:30 am knowing that it would take me 15 minutes to get there but I was wrong. There was a long line of vechiles on Route 32 and it took me an hour to get there! Good thing I had Venti Starbuck coffee with me.

Whoa..... there were FULL vehicles parking on the fairground at 10:30 am!!! The weather was gloomy and cool. I had an opportunity to wear my favorite Central Park Hoodie that I knitted.

The sun finally came out and it was soooo perfect!! Dry and warm weather! Really crowded of people there!!! I don't know if it is my imagination but there were so many people there growing bigger and bigger than last four years that I attended.

I really enjoyed looking at the animals!!!

I walked and browsed through carefully on each booth and saw many familiar faces through blogs and ravelry. I didn't have any courages to meet them and introduced myself with them. I'm pretty shy around hearing people but I know myself that I'm not shy around with deaf people. I guess it's my comfort zone where I can communicate with people through sign language. I hope someday I would get more courages to meet people - maybe in Stitches East conference in the fall.

Although I have so many stash yarns at home, I'm proud of myself that I didn't buy any yarns in 2008. I made a few list that I really want to make this year. I brought some yarns.

Louet Gems (tan and brown) to make Endpaper Mitts

Two Wullenstudio Designer Yarns for socks that I joined the Summer of Socks 2008. I have not decided what sock patterns that I plan to knit.

This sock that I could NOT resist and don't plan to buy but I did!!!! Green Mountain Spinnery Sock Art (Meadow). The yarn is so incredible SOFT!!!!! I could not keep my hands away from it but fondling it on my face!!! I'm still WEAK!! This definitely will be my special gift to someone that I would like to knit.

This one was on my list for a while - Green Mountain Spinnery Maine Organic

to make that sock - Tyrolean Stockings from Interwearve Knits - Fall 2007

(Sorry for crabby pix- I will try to get better photo outside tomorrow)
Yesterday I started knitting the sock. Let me tell you.... it's an ADDICTIVE!!!! I want to make short leg sock instead of long one. I could not believe that I actually knit it all afternoon non-stop and finally turned into heels and gusset. My right wrist is little sore from knitting it nonstop last night.
I thought I would finish it tonight but I want to take easy on my wrist. I'm going back and knit Tangled Yoke Cardigan tonight.
I hope my friends can come with me next year!!!!
Happy Knitting!!!


At 11:46 AM, Blogger brsmaryland said... are a fast knitter! Yeah, Sheep and Wool was crowded on Sat. I was there at 7.30am! and yes, some vendors were already selling. There was still at least two rows of cars parked that early in the a.m. Sunday was less crowded day.
Looks like you got some good sock yarn. I know the woman who is Wullenstudio. Her yarn is really nice.


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