Monday, April 21, 2008

Almost getting there.....

I really love weekends!!!! My DH went out riding Harley with his friends all day on Saturday. I made pretty good progress to finish some unfinished projects since I cleaned my craft room last weekend. I put each projects in large plastic bag.

What are these? 6 plastic bags in a big basket next to my bed.

Everyday Cardigan - two sleeves need to be completed.

Textured Cardigan - two sleeves need to be completed.

Bristow - almost done with back piece

Red Scraf - one more skein to be completed

Surprise gift - almost done with the back piece

Surprise gift - Half way to go to finish the back piece

I've decided to hold Ariann till I find the right mood to pick up the pieces.

Non-Knitting Project

I finally completed the Black Rabbit doll! It is sitting on little rocker in front of our big TV.

Last Saturday morning after completing the Black Rabbit doll, I was in mood for knitting sock. I looked up in small basket and found three socks that don't have second one. I picked out the green one as I thought it would be perfect way to finish for the Project Spectrum Elements.
Here it is so far.... pretty fast in one day!!! I'm determined to finish it this week.

Raindrop Lace Socks by Evelyn A. Clark

Yesterday afternoon, I finally completed the baguette (Three Sassy, Skinny, Tube Baguettes) that I've been neglected it from Summer 2006. I'm done now but have to felt it. Maybe tonight??

Last night while watching the movie "Sweet Nothing in My Ears", I finally finished the pieces of baby sweater. I need to block them first before seam them together. Hopefully this week!!

Did you watch "Sweet Nothing in My Ears" last night? I was so happy that the movie covered the details to educate people about videophone, doorbell lights, interpreters, pager, sign language and cochlear implant. I know there are a lot of people debating about cochlear implant. I'm not qualified to get it because I was born deaf. I didn't grow up using sign language but orally. I'm pretty good lipreading and can not hear anything except for hearing aid. I can hear the sound but not able to recognize the specific sounds or words. I learned sign language when I was in college. It's strange because for me, after dating two hard-of-hearing guys who speak very good and can hear the music or speak through phone, I found myself little isolated from them. Because of my deafness, I could not relate to them to understand music or interact with hearing people. They often mentioned me that they wish I could hear some music or speak very well. I met very first deaf guy who can not lipread and uses sign language all of his life - I knew I could NEVER go back. I found my true identity. I knew I had to spend the rest of my life with someone who could see how I lived my life - hand to hand. I have to have 100 percent access to communication with my soulmate. We both come from hearing families. I have deaf sister and my DH had deaf grandmother, two deaf aunts and several hard-of-hearing relatives.
Here are few links you may want to read more about the movie and cochlear implant.

The ASL-Cochlear Implant Community (very good information)
Your thoughts? Feel free to share with me!!
Happy Knitting!!!!!


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