Sunday, July 13, 2008


We just got back an hour ago from camping weekend!!! It was so fabulous! I never felt sooooo relaxed!

We went to York, Pennyslvania for the weekend for two simple reasons - camping and bike event! We arrived at the campground very late Friday night. I noticed several rabbits at the campground and thought it was odd to see several ones at same time. When we unpacked our stuff out of the trailers, I noticed few more rabbits around us. Really odd!

I woke up really early morning and stepped out of the trailer. I was in awe seeing a lot of rabbits surround the site.

The campground is surrounded the creek. You need to cross the bridge to enter the campground and leave in other side of bridge. I suspected that the rabbits are not able to get out unless they have to cross the bridge to get on the mainland. They are tame and are not afraid of people. I could see children feeding them with the bread crumbs.
Sooo cute!!!

See the bridge .... cross the creek to mainland.

Opposite side of the bridge

Little waterfall on the creek

Creek around the campground.

Our FIVE STAR campsite!!!!
We are so happy to find the perfect campsite....the land is flat and our place is under the trees.
Our own toilet tent and shower tent along with our little home. I don't have gut to get shower in the small tent but my DH did it two times. He loved it sooo much!!! I would rather use the campground shower site.

We can NOT live with the powerful fan. The weather was very HOT and HUMID!!! I feel soooo great sitting near the fan. I know we are not primitive people living in the tent!

We spent all day at the Gettysburg Bike Event. A lot of bikers were in a small town.

We rode around the Gettysburg National Park.
Today we took a lot of time resting and slowly packing our stuff and finally left at 4 pm. Good thing that the rain came 15 minutes later!!!! It was so bad that we hardly can see the road. Took us two hours to get home!!!

Glad that we got home safely!!! It's still raining!!!! We will definitely be back in same place - hopefully with a group of friends!!!! I'm glad that my DH convinced me to go with him.
I will be VERY BUSY this week.... getting ready for my annual CRAZY CROWD CRAFT gathering this Thursday till next Monday. I really can't wait to see my friends!!! I promise I will post what I made for my dear friends and our crazy projects next week!
Have a GREAT week!! Happy Knitting!!!


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