Monday, June 23, 2008

Very PRODUCTIVE wekend!!

I'm so sad that the weekend was over and it was so hard to go back to work this morning!!!!

I had a great weekend with a lot of things done (almost!!!) but nothing is related to knitting!!!! :(

Went to Stitch n' Pitch night with my hubby and my friend Paul on Friday night. It was perfect night!!! The Washington Nationals was hosting the Texas Rangers, and the game went overtime to 14 innings. We left at 12 innings as we were so exhausted from hard week. I found out that Nationals won!! Yay!!! The game was officially the longest in Nationals’ history. I received the freebies/bag. There were many familiar faces that I recognized scattering around five sections on fifth floor of the stadium and it was so much fun watching some people knitting and watching the game.

knitting sock while watching game

Free bag

along with free yarns, patterns and brochures.

There was a touching tribute to Tim Russert at the beginning of the game. It made me cry again!!

On Saturday, my hubby went out riding harley all day with his friends. I got up early morning ready for the day. I was supposed to do the laundry but instead I caught up reading Ravelry forum with few cups of coffee. Thanks to Ravelry forum, I found out there are two new yarn shops in Virginia. I decided to go there as I was planning to stop two quilt stores and checked them out!!! With Yarn in Front store just opened last Monday and I met the owner. At first I had trouble understanding her but later found out that she is the owner of the store. She was very warm and helpful. Not very many yarns there but the owner told me that more yarns will come in later this week. I could not resist but brought yarns and pattern.

Jojoland Swirl Shawl Pattern along with 5 skeins of yarn

I went over to The Artful Quilter as it was only 1 mile away from the new store. I really love that store and was so thrilled that they carry Amy Bulter fabric and patterns. I was drooling over the several beautiful quilts that displays on the wall. I know I'm WEAK person but brought fabrics with the pattern!

After lunch, I stopped over the Nature's Yarn and was so impressive with that store. They carry many natural, organic, and hypoallergenic yarns. I signed up to get their mailing list so I can get discounts for my birthday. They will take half of my age percent off my purchases for one day during the week of my birth!! How cool is that?

Lastly, I stopped over The Quilt Patch and shopped around for a while. Not much changes since I was there last time.

As soon as I got home, I did a lot of laundry and housecleaning all afternoon. I spent all night and all day non-stop working on secret projects for 12th annual craft gathering. Some of you recall my stories about my crazy friends, and you may even remember last year's gathering. My visit this year will be on July 17-21st at Sue's house near Frederick. Every year we make each other pins, ornaments and gifts. They have to be handmade. I'm done with the ornaments and almost done with pins. I'm half way finished with the gifts. I need to prepare my two hour project for the ladies. I wish I could show you but I know my crazy friends read my blog. I promise I will post the photos after the gathering next month. I can not wait!!!

Tonight I'm going up to my craft room trying to finish the pins and start working the projects. Fun fun fun!!!!!

Happy Knitting!


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