Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Leaving tonight!!!

Guess who turns 47 years old today?? *gulping* That's me!!! I don't feel any older but wiser! Smile!!

We are ready to leave tonight... in two hours! Yup....we will be on the road celebrating my birthday! We may stop somewhere in Ohio if my DH is not too tired from driving. We will arrive Milwaukee to see my family tomorrow. Yay!! I really can't wait to see my family!

I bet my DH will roll his eyes seeing my favortie bags coming with me during our vacation! I'm so ready to knit my projects. I don't know if I'm realistic but I want to play it safe in case I complete the projects.

My Knitting Bags!!!

Summer of Sock 2008 - Diagonal Rib Socks

I started it last Saturday and knitted up real fast. I have not touched it since Sunday morning. I'm hoping to finish it tonight.

Printed Silk Cardigan

It was left in my knitting bag for a month. I started knitting two sleeves last Friday and hope to finish the sleeves during the travel.

Hey, Teach!

My badness!!!!! I could not resist this and thought it is soooooo pretty. I swatched the yarn and checked the gauge. Perfect!!! I have six skeins of Violet Cotton Ease that left in my stash for a while and thought it would be pretty cardigan.

The Classic Sock - another project for Summer of Socks 2008

I tried to learn how to knit 2-at-a-time and HATED it!!!! I switched to 12 inches circular needles. No deadline for me to complete it.

Cable Twist Socks - for Ravelympics!!!!!

I will participate in Sock Put event and will start knitting on August 8th.

Zigzag Cowl - for Ravelympics

I also will participate in Cowl Jump Event for Ravelympics. I may start this on way back home after the trip in South Dakota.

Don't we wish to have 8 arms to knit all these projects at same time? Wish me LUCK!!!

Oh oh... I finished the ABC Wooden Board last weekend. I really love it so much! I will put it on the wall after we get back from vacation.

Have a GREAT week! We will be back on August 10th. Who know that I may be able to post some pixs during our vacation.

Happy Knitting!!!!


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