Monday, January 23, 2006

Knitting Olympics???

I'm so tempted to join Stephanie's Knitting Olympics but I know myself that I'm not realistic. Part of my New Year's resolution, I must finish few unfinished projects.

Everyday Cardigan sweater is waiting for me to seam them together!!!!

Three different socks are waiting for me to knit second ones!!!

Now, I'm working on second Everyday Cardigan sweater - the one I knit with my Crazy Crowd Craft ladies. I'm done with back and right front sweater. I'm knitting the left front one this morning.

I'm officially joining an un-knit-along, Zeneedle's !!!
This button is more proper for me especially I would like to enjoy the process without pressure. I plan to knit a long neglected WIP on my choice on February 10th till in the end during the closing ceremonies of the Olympic Games on February 26th.

Happy Knitting!!!!


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