Sunday, August 10, 2008

Quick update (from my pager)

No pictures for this post! We are on the road heading back home. Here is a quick update, then more to follow this week.... More pictures!!!

We just got back from vacation in South Dakota. So absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!! So awesome that I could not describe. It was the best trip!

We are expecting to be home before dark today. I need to unpack and upload all the pictures so that you can see. I have a GAZILLIONS so I need to pick out carefully to share with you. Thanks goodness for the ditigal camera. I could download the pictures to my laptop and delete some blurry pictures easily!

Just one other note, it was so great seeing my family once again yesterday. We stopped to stay overnight and spent breakfast and lunch with them. I was really happy that my godmother was in the town. I have not seen her and uncle for years!!! I miss my family already!! We will go back to see my parents again on Labor weekend.

Yuck!!! I have to go back to work tomorrow!! Definitely not looking forward to go back to reality!!

So stay tuned... Loads of picture and knitting progress coming up this week!



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