Saturday, August 16, 2008

Vacation photos!

Sorry that it's been a week since I posted. I never feel soooooo TIRED due to lack of sleep!! Back to work last Monday was very hard. I ended up working overtimes all week getting ready for new students. Watching Olympics every night is also the blame! I glued to every games, especially Michael Phelps! I'm so happy that he has 8 GOLD medals!

I downloaded all the pictures in my laptop and was so surprised that I took 1,314 pictures in 12 days!!!! I picked out few to share with you.

We left here at 3 am and took us 15 hours to arrive Milwaukee, WI. I spent all day knitting and completed one sock and one cowl (picture will come up soon).

I was so happy to see my family and forgot to take any pictures!!! We only stayed there overnight. We left at 6 am to go to Sturgis, SD.

I knitted second sock on the way from Milwaukee.

Bad storm in Minnesota - good thing it lasted an hour.

The trip to Stuurgis took us FOREVER!!!!

Beautiful sunset in somewhere South Dakota.

We arrived at 9:30 pm and unpacked our stuff to make a home.

My DH added the air conditioner in the trailer. Aren't we that spoiled? Good thing that he thought of that because the temperature was 90 to 100 degrees during the day.

We rode harley to Mount Rushmore.

I spotted the four famous faces right away from the road.

Close up of four presidents' faces

Trip to Devils Tower in Wyoming
I told my DH for years that I alway want to go to see Devils Tower ever since I saw " The Closer Encounter of Third Kind" movie in 1978. I was so thrilled that we went there. It was only one hour away from the campground. During the travel, I kept looking around for the odd shape and saw it right away from 20 miles. Goosebumps feeling!!

Really beauty!!

Breathtaking view!! We spent three hours walking around the tower.

We were sooooo glad that we were there to see it.

It was so hard for me to leave and took the last picture of Devils Tower through the mirror.

We stopped the Sturgis main street. The town is very SMALL but a lot of motorcycles parked on the street.

We spent all day riding around the country. The scenery was so amazing beautiful!!! It was the best therapy for me!
We stopped the town of Deadwood.

We checked out the site where Wild Bill was shot in the saloon.
Bikers and bikes were EVERYWHERE!!!!!
Small town of Hill City

Crazy Horse

Needle Parkway

Amazing needle!!

Holy cow..... a herd of buffalo blocked the road. We waited for 10 minutes to get the road clear up.

Beautiful rainbow!

The weather was so unpredictable. It was so cold and windy. Good thing that my DH added the trap around the caopy.

Our little portable hearer

I knitted during down time.
And watched TV at night!

Rode around Custer State Park

Prairie Dog

View of Mt. Rushmore from the cave

Another cave
Closer view of Mt. Rushmore

Badlands National Park - 75 miles away from our campground


We stopped Famous Wall Drug store.
Back to Sturgis Main Street at night. Watched bikers passing us.
Rode to town of Spearfish

Saw Steven Tyler at the Thunder Road Bike Event
We stopped at Corn Palace in Mitchell, South Dakota on way back to Milwaukee.
Really cool - all the artwork are made of CORN COBS!!!

We arrived back to my family's house again and spent a day with my family. My godmother and uncle stopped by. It was sooooo good to see them again. I wish we could stay longer.
We stopped Harley Davidson Museum in downtown of Milwaukee. The museum opened few weeks ago.
My DH was soooo thrilled to see the original design of 1903 motorcyle.

On long way back to east, I knitted the sock.

We arrived home last Sunday at 7:15 pm and took us two hours unpacking our stuff. It was so good to be home safe. Wish the time went very slow so I can enjoy every minutes of my vacation. We were so glad that we went!! It was the best time of our vacation.
Awwww..... what a warm welcome sign waited for me. Guess my colleagues missed me so much!!!

I have not knitted anything all week!!! I was so busy catching up reading blogs and watching Olympics. I will be working all day tomorrow for new student orientation. I will be very busy all week! More likely I will be back to share with you the update knitting progress this weekend.
Have a GREAT weekend and Happy Knitting!!!


At 10:48 PM, Blogger brsmaryland said...

Looks like you had a great vacation! I love your photos. I've been to many of those places so it is neat to see them again.
Glad you are home safe. Now get back to knitting - ha!


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