Sunday, May 27, 2007

Two Weekends on Biking!

I finally made time to download a lot of pictures on my laptop. Over 150 pictures!! I picked out few pictures to show you, especially my family and friends who read my blog. *hand waving* Hi family and friends!!!! Not much knitting but spent a lot of time biking with my DH last weekend and this weekend.

We went down to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina for Bike Rally last weekend. We were so overwhelmed from seeing sooooo many bikers around the city from day to night for last four days!! It was our very first rally.

Here’s my sweet DH at the wheel: a big man with a mission!

We arrived at the campground at 11 pm. It was raining and we could not find the campground site for 45 minutes. Our friend rescued us and leaded us to the site where our friends stayed. No way for us to set up the tent because it rained so hard. We slept in back of SUV. Good thing that we left our stuff in the trailer and it was plenty of room for us to sleep in the back.
What a wonderful teamwork. Our friends were so thrilled to help us to set up our tent.
Our sweet little home! Yup, it's Harley Davidson tent that my DH could not resist!!!
Our little site with three tents and one canopy along with four bikes.

Ready to go for the day!! Big thumb up!!!

Our first stop in Harley Davidson store near our campground but we spent there ALLLL day!!! Many vendors set up around the store.

After shopping around the vendors, we rode back down the street. So many lurkers rooted the bikers!

We stopped the Dog House bar and watched the crazy performers showed off their bikes. Really scary to watch but they were so pro!!!

We walked over to the beach from the campground to smell the beach water and air! So beautiful view and the weather was so great!!.

We met wonderful couple from Kentucky. We became fast friends and spent all weekend with them.

Group of friends stayed with us for the weekend!! We spent all day riding around the towns and stopped a cute local southern restaurant for lunch.

Reflection of me on my DH's helmet!

Poor DH, he was so sad to see the event was over already. We definitely go back next year!!!

We went to Thunder Rolling Event at Washington DC

We rode over to Frederick Harley Davidson place where we meet a lot of bikers this morning.

We, the bikers rode down on Route 270 to Washington, DC.

Friendly people waving and rooting for us!!

Bikers were behind us following to the DC mall.

Group of police bikers started the event.

We sat and watched the bikers passing us for a few hours. Good thing that we brought our lawn chairs and found a perfect spot to view the bikers. Wish we were under the shade but we survived hot and humid day. Seems that I was only person bringing my knitting bag and knitted the sock. It was so funny watching people standing behind me watching me knit. I bet they may think I'm either nut or brave!!
We may go out bike riding this weekend and will definitely go up to New Hampshire for the Bike Rally next month. We will stop in Boston to visit my family for a few days.
Now, I'm sure that you are curious what is the updated status of my knitting progress. No much accomplished but still working on sleeves. I promise that there will be more knitting photos coming up soon.
Have a GREAT Memorial weekend! Stay cool!!
Happy Knitting!!!

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Apparently, posting once a month is my new thing...

... because I just looked at the blog and realized that it will have been almost exactly one month since I last blogged. *sigh* Well, I’ve been so swamped with work this past few weeks, really swamped. I have been neglected with my knitting projects. *I'm so shocked at myself* I feel like I've had an unproductive month but I did manage to get my cross-stitching project done and read 10 books in two weeks! I was in "reading" marathon mood that I got several good books that I borrowed from the library.

Oh oh...I went to Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival with my friends, Jerri Lyn and Caroline. We had fabulous time! We went out for breakfast at Eggspectations before we headed over to the fairground. We spent all day and came back to my house for cookout dinner. Other friends came down later in the evening to watch Pay Per View boxing game till 1 a.m. Soooo much fun!!!!

Jerri Lyn (left) and Caroline (right)

Awww.... don't you love their hairdos????

**BAAA....take me home!*** I'm in love with that cute one!!!

Sheep at Barber Shop!

This one is my favorite picture. Jerri Lyn and Caroline could not keep their eyes off from little lambs.

This little aggressive lamb pushed other lambs away from the hay!

What???? That woman was spinning angora right off the rabbit! I was joking with Jerri Lyn and Caroline that I'm afraid that the yarn somehow twisting up and getting caught and the bunny getting sucked into the wheel! Ouch! But that rabbit looked so calm to me. Isn't it??

What did I buy at MSW this year? I decided not to spend more yarns because I have sooo much stash but two things I could not resist!!!!

My own fair ilse sweater kit that I have been eyeballing for last three years. The tote bag came with the kit.

I don't expect to start knit the sweater right away. Hopefully I will start knitting it this winter.

I found that yarn to match the vest I was working on for my DH last fall.
Poor vest, it has been so neglected since January!!
In past two weekends, I went out with my DH riding Harley Davidson. The more we travelled around the towns, I really enjoy so much. We will head down to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina this Thursday for a long weekend to join with our Harley friends for the Myrtle Beach Bike Rally. It should be fun!! I'm really looking forward to it because of a long trip - which means more knitting time!!! I'm sooooooooo slow with the sleeves for the Textured Cardigan that I started last February. I hope I will accomplish two sleeves this weekend.
Will be back next week with more pictures of our trip in Myrtle Beach and (hopefully) final pieces of cardigan.
Happy Knitting!!!!