Friday, April 29, 2005

SP4 Rocks!!!

Posted by Hello!!! I realized that my SP4 knows me very well....she sent me an email few weeks ago that she studied me carefully and knew what I need. She is absolutely RIGHT!!! I love bubble bath!!! I always take bath with a cup of hot tea or a glass of wine on every Saturday night bef0re watching Saturday Night Lives. She got me three Bath Fizz, Bath Confetti, bathing gloves and Green and White tea bags!!! Oh boy, I will definitely try the bath fizz and tea tomorrow night!!! Three different shades of green of Andean Silk from Knit Picks are absolutely BEAUTIFUL colors!!! I would definitely want to knit the sweater with that yarns!!! Lastly, soooooo CUTE carrot stuffing! I really love the feeling of the stuffing carrot! Thank you soooooooooo much, SP4. You are the BEST!!!!!! I can't wait till tomorrow to find out who are you!!! Again, thank you so much for lovely goodies!!!!

Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Close up of these beautiful yarns

Posted by Hello

What should I do with these yarns???

I will use Rowan All Seasons yarns to make little sweater for my niece, Ella Pearl for Christmas. Yeah, I want to get start making it early this year. I'm not as fast knitting as other people I know.

I have not decided what I do with Debbie Bliss Cathay yarns - either summer top or shawl! I really love the feeling of that yarn. The color is teal. So pretty!!! Maybe summer top!!!! No no.... Shawl!!! Geez!! I'm confused!!!! No need for me to decide right now till I find the right pattern. Please do let me know if you have great ideas what I should make with these yarns!

Did I mention Knit Happens Online store ROCKS?

Look what I got!!!

Knit Happens Online Store ROCKS!!!! Posted by Hello

Kristine sent the message asking for 25-30 people to be the testers to check her online store last week. Of course, I immediately sent her an email asking her to count me in. I was so impressed that she replied back real fast that I'm in. I got the instruction from her last Monday. Yesterday morning, I checked her new Knit Happens Online website and found the information are very friendly and easy to find what I need. Naturally, I have no control but ordered five Rowan All Seasons yarns and seven Debbie Bliss Cathay yarns right away. I received an order confirmation right away after I ordered the yarns. I received an email that my order has been shipped out an hour later on that day.

I was so surprised to see the package sitting on the porch waiting for me when I arrived home today. I opened the package and found all yarns are the plastic bag with the Knit Happens logo. Very IMPRESSIVE!!!!

Overall, my experience in ordering yarns thro Knit Happens Online store was very POSITIVE!! I gave her A+!!! Thank you, Kristine for allowing me to be one of your testers!

Check it out - online store

Monday, April 25, 2005

I'm counting......

12 more days to go - Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival

18 more days to go - Say goodbye to graduating students

26 more days to go - Trip to Las Vegas (for a long weekend)

33 more days to go - Memorial Weekend

55 more days to go - Business trip to Vanuover, Washington

85 more days to go - my birthday (EEEEEEEEKKKKKKKKKKK!!!!!)

I better shut up and go back to knitting!!!

Sunday, April 24, 2005

Finally FOs!!!

My Sweeeeeet Klaralund!!! Posted by Hello

I feel so yucky all day yesterday and today with bad sore throat and headaches!!! I forced myself to seam the sweater up this morning. It took me an hour to seam them together. It was not hard but I don't know why it took me a while to finish it up. I tried on and it fits me well. I knitted few inches short on sleeves. I don't like the end sleeve touch my wrist. I tend to put it back to middle of my arm. No photo on me as I look so yucky today!!

Did you hear the whistle???

Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Willie Whistle sweater!!!! Posted by Hello
I finished it yesterday. I used Rowan All Seasons Cotton - (5 balls of Dusty and one ball of Jersey)

I really love the sweater so much. I had so much fun knitting that sweater. I'm surprised that I had a great time seaming it up. I can't wait to give it to my godson, Joey this coming Sunday. I will definitely take some pictures of Joey wearing the sweater. The sweater is for 3-4 years old and Joey will be turning 2 years old on May 17th. It may be little too big for him but he can wear it later this winter.

Now, what should I do next? Of course, I have to finish three more WIPs - cardigan for my DH, "Robin" top and "Coast to Coast" sweater. I'm going to work on "Robin" short sleeves tonight.

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Soon sooon soooooooooon......

*I typed this last night and the internet disconnected on me again....good thing I saved this in my draft - so here it is!!!*

Weeeeeeee Willie Whistle sweater is almost DONE!! Posted by Hello One more sleeve to go then *MUST* seam them together this weekend. I really enjoy knitting small sweater as it's real fast. (I'm not as fast as Wendy from Wendyknits - she probably finish it in two days!!!!) Took me almost two weeks to finish it. Sorry, I'm not great photographer! I should have asked my DH to take some pictures of that sweater or I should take photography class to learn the trick of "perfect" pictures. Sighs!!!!! I will take good close-up picture after seaming them up.

Please welcome Jerri Lyn as she *finally* decide to create her own blog. Jerri Lyn was the one who got me addicted to knitting. I thank thank thank her for getting me back to knitting world as I find the knitting is my best therapy. She is one of my DEAR friends and GREAT supporter. I really laugh so hard reading her blog. She is sooooooooooooooooooo funny!! Trust me! Check out her blog - and welcome her!!!

Oh oh oh.... Kim Hargreaves has a new site up - I really love her designs so much, especially Harmony and Joy sweaters. I wish she could sell the patterns instead of kits. The kits are somewhat pricey!! Oh well...I hope she will consider to sell the patterns someday.

This morning, I mailed 3rd (last) package to my Secret Pal. I really love to spoil her and hope she will like my goodies. I really can't wait to find out who is my Secret Pal on April 30th as same time I can't wait to reveal my name to Secret Pal that I have been corresponded and sent goodies.

This weekend, I'm determined to finish the Wee Willie sweater and seam the Klaralund. I know it is tooooooooo late for me to wear Klaralund but I don't want to leave the poor "unseaming" sweater on the sofa for weeks! Although I'm deaf but I'm still hearing my poor sweet Klaralund screaming at me to finish her up! It drives me CRAZY!!

So...wish you all happy knitting!!!

That's really SUCK!

I received the most devastating news from my sister, Kim today. She just informed me that her beloved dog, April was put to sleep this afternoon. It was the hardest decision she ever made but she didn't want April suffer. April turned 14 years old last week and the cancer spreaded out so fast. April was the most beautiful dog I ever seen. I'm feeling so helpless as she is living in Boston and my parents are in Milwaukee. I'm here in Maryland. I really wish I could be there to give my sister my comfort and support. Posted by Hello I could not describe how lucky Kim got April for free when April was 9 weeks old. She was so full of characters. I could share so many stories about her but I'm feeling numb right now. She was so precious to our family.

This picture was taken last Christmas. Kim wore Klaralund sweater that I knitted. Aren't they pretty!!

Saturday, April 16, 2005


The battery for my camera is DEAD! I have to recharge the battery and will post the picture of my WIP tomorrow. I'm done knitting back of the sweater and almost finished working in the front. Two more sleeves to go. I *HEART* Rowan All Seasons Cotton yarns. So much fun to work with. I will definitely buy more of these yarns and plan to knit the sweater for my niece.

Wee Willie Whistle Sweater Posted by Hello

BOOK: Miss Bea's Band by Louisa Harding

No update progress of my sweet Klaralund. I'm not in mood for seaming at all. I wish someone could snap me up or pitch me to get this sweater seaming together. Sighs!!!!

I'm going back to finish knitting the Wee Willie sweater!

Friday, April 15, 2005

Missing In Action?

I'm back!!! Comcast network at home is so CRAZY past five days!!! It keeps disconnecting on me that I could not keep up my readings on blogs and emails. So I'm not a bad blogger but blame my Comcast network!!!! (FYI, I'm at work using my work computer before I go home tonight) I hope the network will be up and running this weekend so I can post some photos of my new WIP!

I'm knitting little sweater for my godson, Joey. Yup, I was asked to be godmother. The baptism will be on May 1st and I'm so honored to be godmother for little Joey.

This week is the BUSIEST week for me at work..... Interviewing students for summer job, attending scholar's dinner, preparing for dorm closings, commencement and summer housing assignments. Yeah, two more weeks left before final exams begin. The times go tooooooo FAST for me!!!

TGIF!!!!!! Do you know why I'm so great mood right now? I will have more time knitting this weekend!!!!!

Have a GREAT weekend!!!!

Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Double Yay!!!

Yay!!! Look what I got in the mail!!! THE BOOK!!!!!! Posted by Hello

By Stephanie Pearl-McPhee. I really love reading her blog - The Yarn Harlot!
I really enjoy reading that book.... perfect way to read and drink hot coffee in the morning before go to work.

Yay again!!! Today is SUNNY, SUNNY, SUNNY!!!! I love this weather yesterday, today and tomorrow - that's for sure!!! It has been so beautiful weather. The trees are in bloom, too. Not great for my allergy. I know I will get another colds as I'm allergic to pollen, especially Cherry Blossom trees!!! Well, I'm not complaining right now. Thank you, SUN for coming back!

Not yay!!!! I have not block and seam the sweaters yet. I guess I'm avoiding them as I'm not in fond of seaming at all!!

I'm working on last sleeves of "Coast to Coast" sweater. I brought the DVD - "Spanglish" after work today and am going to watch it tonight and knit the sleeve.

Sunday, April 03, 2005

Almost almost almost DONE!!!!!

I finished knitting my sweet Klaralund yesterday morning!!!!! And I finally finished Classic Male Cardigan except for buttonband this morning!!!! I have not block and seam them together yet. Photos later after blocking and seaming them up this week.

It was very productive weekend for me. Best thing is to stay home and knit during yucky weather out there!!!! I watched three movies yesterday - Harold and Kumar, Surviving Christmas and Tiptoes.

Two more UFOs to go - "Robin" top and "Coast to Coast" sweater. (Look down on March 21 entry for pcitures) I'm determined to finish them by end of this month (or earlier???).

So sad that the weekend is almost over!!! I'm not looking forward to go back to work tomorrow!!!