Thursday, July 23, 2009

Not Good News!!!

I got back from Rochester, NY last Monday night. I was so excited to show my DH the pictures that I downloaded in my laptop. My computer crashed and died on me!!!! I was so shocked!! I lost all the pictures from last weeekend event. My DH tried to retrieve the pictures but no luck! I'm going to bring my laptop to work tomorrow and hope someone can rescue my pictures. *sniffling*

Note to myself: Never delete the pictures from my camera till I get the backup copies! Grrrr!!

Yes, I'm pretty upset about that!!!

Recap of my Crazy Crowd Craft gathering will be coming up soon.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Happy Belated Fourth of July!!

I do hope you have all had a wonderful Fourth of July celebration!!

I really had every intention of writing a post after I got back from a long Fourth of July weekend. But I was so busy making something for the 12th annual CRAZY Crowd Craft gathering. Good thing I started making something last Spring and left them for a while till I finally finished everything last Saturday. 4 same pins, 4 same ornaments and 4 same gifts.

I can not tell you what I made but will definitely show you after I get back from the long CRAZY and FUN weekend!!! It's TODAY that I will be flying to Rochester, New York to join with my CRAZY gang!!! I.really.can't.wait!!!!

Speaking of Anniversary/Fourth of July weekend, my dear hubby and I decided to go a trip somewhere in the west of Pennsylvania by his toy, convertible car. The weather were so perfect that we left our car top down all weekend. I didn't care where we go but I just need to relax and knit something. I spent hours knitting February Lady sweater. It was mindless knitting but I noticed something was little off from the lace and realized that I messed up by knitting twice on same pattern row. If it was not noticeable, I would leave it alone but it was really obvious that the laces were not matched. I frogged 8 rows of laces and started again. I messed up again!! I gave up and put it away till later. I guess my timing/mood was off.

As we drove down the country road, we saw two black bears running across the road in front of us. Geez.. my jaw dropped and wish I had a camera with me but I left it in back of the car trunk knowing that the battery was dead!!! My DH was so disappointed that I was not prepared to get the battery charged. Sorry, DH!!! But I finally got two batteries full charged when we checked in the motel. I missed out taking several pictures of beautiful scenic places.

Oh oh... We saw fireworks in THREE diferent places within an hour and half on Fourth of July.... Well.. I lied!!! We actually watched DC and New York City fireworks through television. The real one came out in the view of our hotel room's window in a small town of Franklin, PA. We were so lucky that we got the best room with perfect view to watch the firework for another 30 minutes.

My world best chauffer did all the driving for the weekend!!!

Dang, I wish I remember the name of this place when we stopped by for lunch. Real beautiful view of this area.

Don't you love to look up at the tree while driving down the road? It relaxes me so much every time I look up at the trees and sky!

Good thing that my DH had sharp eyes seeing something on the road map book on our way back home. We stopped to see Flight 93 National Memorial and Flight 93 Chapel in Shanksville, PA. It was very heartfelt experience for us to visit and pay respect the heroes who were killed in the crash of Flight 93 on September 11th.

We stopped at FLT 93 Chapel (three miles away from the crash site).

We went over to National Memorial after the chapel. There are a lot of crosses, caps, flowers, patches and angels left by many people at the temporary place on hilltop where they can write their thoughts and feelings about the event and for the heroes.

The temporary memorial is created on the hilltop overlooking the crash site (where you could see the flag posted on the fence). Although we are deaf, we could feel the silence and peaceful around the area. It is a right place for quiet reflection and expressions of respect. Definitely, it was powerful feeling.
It was very good weekend for us.
I better get ready for the trip in a few hours. I'm sooooooooooo ready for another long weekend. I will be back next week with news and of course, pictures of the projects we make.
Have a great day...happy knitting!!!

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Gosh!!! Where did the 20 years go????

July 1, 1989

Today is exactly 20 years ago that I married to my BEST friend. He was and is and shall always be my real soulmate, lover and best friend. A toast to TWENTY wonderful years, my love!!! Happy Anniversary, Craig!!! I'm looking forward to our 50th years anniversary!!!!