Tuesday, November 28, 2006

FO in one day!!!!!!


I finally finished something in one day!!!

My very first fair isle knitting project!!!!

"Telemark" headband from Bea Ellis Knitwear.

I brought the kit last winter. I was hesistant to learn how to knit fair isle. Last night, I decided to look up my stash box and found the kit. I did my homework to learn how to knit fair isle. Thanks to Vogue Knitting Ultimate, Knittinghelp.com and Sheeweknits.com for the wonderful tips. This morning, I finally feel much improved with my colds and was so eager to start knitting. It was so easy but awkward, especially pick and throw yarn. I didn't realize how much fun is it!!!

In back of headband


Pattern: "Telemark" headband
Source: Bea Ellis Knitwear
Yarns: Peer Gynt (for main and contrast color) and cotton for non-itch lining
Needles: Addi Turbo size #3 and #5

Now, my next project would be either hat or mitten that I got for xmas last year from my parents. I can't wait to start new one!!!

I'm so bummer that my vacation is over today!!! I'm not ready to go back to work tomorrow!!! I'm disappointed I spent five days in the bed fighting colds and cough on my VACATION times!! My dream vacation which was putting up the Xmas trees, holiday decoration around the house and knitting went POOF!!!

Monday, November 27, 2006

Pooo but a lot of photos!!!!

What a Thanksgiving week for me ....my little sniffle has turned into a full-blown cold and bad cough. I was so sick all day starting on Thanksgiving Day. The fever finally broke out this morning. I still feel poooo!!!!

In spite of my sickness, I was so determined to make the best Thanksgiving dinner.

The turkey came out real good. The stuffing was the best!!! The best part of the Thanksgiving is we have LEFTOVER food this week.

Well, I've been resting a lot over the past five days, and the result is I have not touched my knitting project! I didn't have any energy to pick up the yarn as I was so busy blowing my nose!

Look like I'm having upper respirary infections. I'm desperately trying to get better before I go back to work this Wednesday. I promise myself if I'm not improved by tomorrow morning, I will call the doctor!!

My trip to Boston two weekends ago...
I was supposed to depart at 1:56 p.m. but the plane was delayed for an hour and half due to bad weather. Good thing that I brought my knitting projects. I started working on second Blueberry Waffle sock.
Real nasty - heavy rain and windy. I was so suprised that it took me an hour to arrive in Boston. Good thing there is no speeding limit in the sky. I was so thrilled to see my sister. Of course, we spent all night yakking yakking yakking!!

On Friday....
My sister and I LOVE to shop any country/primitive stores!!! One nice thing about Boston, they have many primitive stores that I don't see here in Maryland. I bet my DH is relieved otherwise I would go there on every weekends!! My sister brought me to Old Glory store. It was very small store but they carry a lot of primitive items. I brought some ornaments and stuff. I really love that store so much. I didn't take any pictures afterward as I was so overwhelmed browsing around many cute stores.

On Saturday.....

My sister took me to Stamping Class for two hours. I didn't realize how much fun is it... so much creative way to stamp greeting cards. We made a small box and cut/fold three different size to make the box. We can add the photo on each block. Real cool! I also met my sister's friends in the class. It was really nice getting to know them. We all went out for lunch after class. I became so obsessed with this project and thought to make more for the Xmas gifts to my friends/family. Of course, my sister took me to A.C. Moore and brought the papers and cutter.
After lunch, we went up to New Hampshire and found the LYS - (Ewe'll Love it!!) in Nashua. I really love that store. They have huge shelves of knitting book. I took a lot of time going through several book and found one I'm in love. I really like Lousia Harding's work.

I found several sweaters that I really want to knit....of course, not now but my future projects!!

I asked my sister to pick out the yarn she wants me to knit. She wants fingerless gloves and picked out the handpainted yarns from Brentwood, New Hampshire. It made of alpaca silk. Really pretty.

We spent all day shopping on Sunday...this time no yarns but brought few things for the decorations.

On Monday, my sister had to go to work. I spent all day knitting the vest for my DH. I was so disappointed that I'm out of the yarn. I ordered more yarns through Spinnery. Hopefully they will be here this week!

Did my DH miss me while I was in Boston? Oh yes, I saw him every night for an hour!!!

Isn't that cool? It is called videophone. I can communicate directly with my DH in live video or can call through relay operator to call anyone who don't have the videophone.

I got back safely on Monday night. My DH was sooooo happy to see me!!!

Thanks Kimbo for the wonderful weekend!!! I really enjoyed so much!!! I hope she will come down in the spring.

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Gobble! Gobble!!

Wish you a Happy Thanksgiving!!!!

I'm having a bad sore throat and head colds today! Bummer!!! I will post my wonderful weekend with my sister later this week.

Thursday, November 16, 2006


I'm soooo excited to see my sister in a few hours. I will leave in an hour and half! I'm all ready to go!!!

I know Kimbo's look when I see her seeing me this afternoon!!!! Like this picture!!!!

(Hmmm... I may be prepared for getting a bruise from her cuz she may not appreciate me posting this silly picture of her!!) MWAH!!!!!!

Have a GREAT weekend and Happy Knitting!!!

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

My FIRST Vacation of the YEAR!!!!

Yay.... today is my last day of work to start on my first vacation tomorrow! I know it's sad that the year of 2006 is almost over! I didn't take any vacations last summer which I normally do in the past. I'm so glad that today is the day that finally comes!

So what should I do and plan during my two weeks off!?

Of course, I will fly to Boston tomorrow morning to see my sister, Kimbo for a long weekend! I will come back this Monday night.

I'm hoping that I will accomplish many things around the house next week. Sell things through craiglist and ebay, order wood planks for the floor, put up the Xmas tree, decorate around the house and finish the knitting projects.

I haven't touched my knitting projects for last three days. I was so busy at work and didn't have any energy to do anything when I got home. I'm sooooo ready to pick it up tomorrow for the trip.

Will share the full reports and photos next week!

Happy Knitting!!!!

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Yesterday was GOOD day!!!!

REASONS? Very Productive Day!

1.) The weather was so fabulous!!!!! Real warm and sunny!!!!!

2.) I had turkey hot dog on the grill for lunch. Really yummy!!!

3.) I spent all morning cleaning the rooms.

4.) Knitting group came over to my house!

5.) I taught Caroline how to knit! She did a GREAT job learning how to cast on.

6.) We sat and knitted outside on the deck - breezy nice weather!

7.) We chatted and laughed!

8.) I knitted 7 inches into the body all night.

9.) I had a glass of red wine after dinner.

10.) I had a very relaxing day!

Caroline winded her new skein that she brought from Brook Farm at the Stitches East last week.

Isn't Jerri Lyn look soooo serious? She is working on sweater.

Caroline seemed to enjoy casting on the needles. She is left-handed and it seems real hard to teach her how to knit but she picked up it real fast. I suggested her to practice knitting the dishcloth.

I was working on the vest for my DH. I completed 9 inches into the body. 5 more inches to go before the armholes decrease!

It's a dark and rainy day today....totally opposite from yesterday's weather! I didn't do much as much as I did yesterday but dined out with our friends at Luna C Grille for dinner.

I can't wait to see my sister in Boston this Thursday.

I think I heard my knitting project screaming for me. Happy Knitting!!!!

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

What a crabby weather......

The weather here is so crappy and I'm crabby with bad sinus infections since yesterday morning. I did nothing but sleep, sleep and sleep all day yesterday and again all morning today. I'm trying to get knitting mood and turn out real slooooow....

Here are my progress..... (I have been jumping around three projects)

Twisty Turn Wrap.... approximately 160 rows to go!! Yup... It should be in established pattern to a total of 336 rows.

Last night, I found unfinished project that I have been hidden it two years ago when I made few major mistakes. The yarns I brought from Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival two years ago are so pretty. I ribbed it all the way and started it all over. Oh boy, I didn't realize it's faster to knit with. Hopefully it will finished in time for my DH to wear during the wintertime.

I have also been working on my fetching's... I started one last week and took me a day to finish it and started the second one before I went to Stitches East. I use Araucania Nature Wool yarn to make the fingerless glove.

Oh...here is the sock that I completed on October 31st for Sockoberfest.
My DH doesn't like the stripe ones but like the feeling of the yarn. He will try them on once they are dry.

So...Happy Hump Day!!! And....Happy Knitting!!!! I hope to finish the Twisty Turn Wrap this weekend.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

More Yarns!

I thought I'm supposed to be on yarn diet but I only gained few more yarns from......

Only 20 minutes from here! I took a day off last Friday to go there to glimpse around for 2 hours before I take my blogless friends, Jerri Lyn and Caroline all day on Saturday. This time I had a LIST - to decide what to buy/make. I promised myself not to spend too many yarns but it was soooooo hard to resist.

Soooo anyway...like I said, the convention center is only 20 minutes from my house. I sure had a hell time finding a parking spot and found one in 4 blocks away from the center. I had gotten a two-day ticket. I know there were a lot of booths that I didn't look at too closely carefully. Two day trips were worthwhile for me.

Ahhhh....There was lots to see!!! I recognized many of the vendors from the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival and was glad to see them here also. I had told myself that I'd look around for a while before buying anything on Saturday.

Oh boy, I'm so WEAK!!! But here's the important part, the newest stashes.....

I always want to make Clapotis just like many knitters made. I could not find the right yarn for a while till I stopped in Brook Farm booth. I saw the finished clapotis display there. That's it!!! Perfect yarn and it took me forever to pick out which skein I should buy. I kept walking around several times to decide which color. I finally decided to pick red/pink/cream/yellow skein.

I found the right color for the shawl that I always want to make one..... Isn't that pretty!!??

This one is NOT on my list!!!

I'm in love with Twisty Turns Wrap! The yarns from Decadent Fibers are so pretty. I picked out "Autumn" look yarns and would be perfect for my brown outfit! I knitted right away after buying Addi Turbo Needle Size 15 last Saturday.
Pretty fast knitting on Saturday night!!!

Too bad that the convention center don't allow us to take pictures!! I didn't bring my camera although I wish I did!!!

Second Day at Stitches East!

On Saturday, I met Jerri Lyn and Caroline and took them out for breakfast at Eggspectation. I decided to park at the Orioles stadium parking lot instead of driving around the town looking for a spot. Poor Caroline looked so overwhelmed when entering the room. Caroline is relatively new in knitting and is very eager to learn how to knit. She brought a beautiful skein from Brook Farm and wants to knit a scraf.

I brought my Blueberry Waffle sock with me and stopped at Tess' Design booth to find the right color yarn. I knew I don't have enough yarn for the second sock and found one I need!!! I found the black yarn that I want to make one for my DH. He would like to wear the solid color instead of stripe ones I made for him.

I also brought few patterns and yarns that I would like to make for Xmas gifts. I won't post up because I know someone is reading my blog. (Hello!!)

I recognized several bloggers and Lolly standing in lines and walking pass by me. I saw few authors such as Lily Chin (Urban Knitter) Kaffe Fassett, Jane Sowerby (Victorian Lace Today) and Maggie Jackson (Maggie's Ireland) on Friday and Saturday.

We sure had a great time and will definitely go back next year!!!! We agree to meet Jerri Lyn's house for lunch and knitting gathering this Saturday. I'm looking forward to teach Caroline how to knit a scarf. Should be FUN!!!

I better go back and knit the wrap. Bulky yarn is so much fun to knit with!!!

Happy Knitting!!!