Monday, June 22, 2009

Here as I promised.....

I need to update on Ravelry and am trying to remember the password for Flickr. I will figure it out later but will work on details later. I realized that I didn't do good job taking pictures of my projects. I need to redo to post them up in Ravelry this weekend in bright day. So forgive me for lousy pictures.....

So here goes:

Fair Isle Yoke Cardigan
(ravelry link)

I need to block it to make it more smooth on buttonlines.

Yarns: Reynolds Whiskey

I finished the pieces last January and didn't seam them up till later in March. I found the right buttons from the antique store two weeks ago.

Everyday Cardigan (ravelry link)

I finally finished it after two years of hiberating!!! I really love the Peace Fleece yarns so much and the color of the sweater. I can't wait to wear it when winter comes.

Pretty pewter buttons.

Fair Isle Sweater (ravelry link)

This was the easiest pattern and took me 9 days to finish it.

I want to use up the yarns that were left in my stash basket for years and I'm so glad that it came out great.

Forest Canopy Shawl - this was my second one. I could not find the pictures of the first one that I made last December.

I made it for my mother's birthday last January.

Close details - isn't that pretty!!! I used Mountain Colors Weaver's Wool yarn.

I have four "hiberating" projects that need to finish but they are either too boring to knit, too hot to knit or to difficult for me to understand/follow the instruction. Eventually, I hope to finish them this year. But only one is Cascade Yarns 220 Wool that I'm eager to work on February Lady sweater. It doesn't bother me knitting it in the car when my DH and I went out for a ride to Mechanicsburg, PA from here all day yesterday. I'm almost finished with the garter stitch part and will going to work on lace part soon.
Happy Knitting!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Back and Much Alive....

Helloooooo..... ***hand waving****

Wow....I know it's been a while (well...almost 8 months) but time flies too fast for me. I'm doing okay, considering ups and downs since New Year. My DH was laid off on January 31st and still has no luck in finding job ever since. My dad gave me and my mom a real scare when he had quad bypass surgery last April. Good thing that my dad is doing very well. Not only that, my laptop was acting up for a while till last week, it went kaput!! Good thing that my DH is very handyman. He had magic hands to fix it all day and night. He had extra hard drive from his old laptop. It comes back alive and more faster!!!

Anyway, you *might* be wondering what I’ve been up to (that is if you’re still checking, or you could wonder if I change my identity or have completely forgotten about me, considering the 8 months and all…) :) Still just knitting, working, reading, eating and living. It doesn't sound like all that when I write it that way, but I personally want to focus on myself and spend closely with my DH that I really enjoy so much. Death of my sister was the hardest for me to deal with. I still get choked up when I think of my sister. I miss her so much.

I've been reading a lot (lot ...lot...) books since I signed up 52 books in 52 weeks. I read up to 42 books so far. I knitted 3 sweaters, two socks, two scarves and two shawls. Sorry, no pictures yet but I need to find my camera to take some pixs of my latest projects.

I really want to say Happy Father's/Husband's Day to all dads, especially two my favorite men!

My DH, Craig and my Dad!!!!!!

I'm going to look for my camera now. Happy Knitting!!