Wednesday, May 31, 2006

New obsession!!!!

I *HEART* Mason and Dixon Knitting book. I made three pieces last week.

Ballband Dishcloth -I used two different kind of Sugar 'n Cream yarns for the ballband dishcloth.

Yellow washcloth - I used Cotton Chenille yarn.

I definitely will make more dishcloth/washcloth.

I ordered 2 lbs of Harrisville Looms potholder loops from E-bay to make Superfancy Potholder Loop Rug. I have Needles Size 35 that I'm dying to use them!!! Hope the items will arrive this weekend. It will be my new project. I know I didn't finish other projects that I'm supposed to finish but this project should be FUN and FAST!!!!

I'm so in LOVE!!! I found this free pattern in knitting knonsense website. Took me an hour and half to finish it.

Pattern: LOVE cloth
Yarn: Sugar 'n Cream yarn - lime green
Needle: Size 7

Oh.... perfect color for this month Project Spectrum!!!

Don't you love this!!!!!?????

Yesterday, I knitted this "Infamous" Darrell Waltrip dishcloth. It took me an hour to finish it and love it sooooo much!!! The color is so fascinating!!

Yarn: Peaches & Creme
Color: Fiesta Ombre #175
Needles: Size 7

My poor sock that I've been neglecting for a while!!!

Geez..... Wish I could post a lot of GREEN things for the Project Spectrum. Green is my favorite color. I didn't finish knitting green sock. Two more inches of round before heel!! Easy to memorize four different rounds but hard to knit with 12" circular needles with size one and thin yarns.

My DH and I had a really nice Memorial weekend. We went over to our friend's house for BBQ dinner last Sunday. The weather was HOT and HUMID!!! Poor my friends, their air conditioning was broken. Good thing that there was no rain but we all sat outside chatting all night.

We shopped around three different stores for the wood floor. Due to my allergy problems, we decided to change the wood floor in entire first floor and our bedroom. We found the color we liked and will compare the prices with the stores and through websites. We decide to do ourselves instead of hiring someone to do the job. Partly of me, I would like to hire someone but it would save a lot of money if we do it ourselves. I will keep you posted.

I'm not able to post some pictures of our trip to Shenandoah National Park - I could not figure out why that the photos won't update on my blog. Hope I will have better luck in updating some photos tomorrow.

Happy Knitting.... I think my green sock is calling me now!!!

Thursday, May 25, 2006

The Pincushion Challenge!!!

This month's challenge is Fruit. I immediately thought that I have one that I made last year. I really love Folk Art or primitive things to decorate around the house. Here it is.... the crow standing on the spool carrying little strawberry. This one is my favorite pin cushion. Pincushion Details:

Pattern: Make-Do Pincushions by Country Stitches Pattern Collection
You need muslin for the crow, stuffing for the crow, red and green wool fabric for the strawberry, old wooden bobbin, buttons for the crow's eyes, cotton thread, rusty steel wire, manilla tag, alphabet stamp set and stamp pad and black paint. Of course, you need sewing machine to sew the crow and strawberry. That project took me an hour and half to finish it.

I can't wait to see what is new theme for next month. I hope I will create something without using the pattern.

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Blurry Weeks!

Oh boy, I could not explain why I didn't update my blog. Last three weeks went so BLUR for me!!!! So many things happened at work that keep me very very very BUSY and less knitting time. Things at work finally are quiet down this week. Last two months are pretty rough for me with the allergies and colds. I felt so icky for six weeks with bad colds and allergies.

Let me warn you in advance.... a lot of PHOTOS to share with you!!!! Fun, fun, fun!!! I hope you will enjoy looking at the photos.

My third year at Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival on first weekend of May was FABULOUS as usual.

At first, I thought I was not able to attend this year due to campus crisis that I may require to be on campus over the weekend. Good thing that I was not needed to be on campus on Saturday but had to go back to work on Sunday.
I saw several knitbloggers at the festival. I recongized many faces there from reading their bloggers.

I was so thrilled to see Wendy there (blue sweater) I went over to see her and asked her to sign the book that she wrote.

My dear friend, Sue and DH were accompanying me

Awwww....aren't they cute!!!?
Look what I brought from MSWF

More sock yarns from Tess Designers Yarns.

Middle two yarns are for my Project Spectrum socks. Blue is for June and Purple is for July

I loveMorehouse Merino yarns soooooo much and brought two kits.

Two more sock yarns are for my August Project Spectrum.

Found several things in two books I really like to knit.

Knitting News..... like I said earlier, not much knitting to do this month but I start knitting sock for June Project Spectrum. Slow but I'm getting there! I don't think I will be able to finish the sock by May 31st but I'm optimistic to finish it this summer.

Non-knitting but craft related news................

I used to love cross stitching for many years. I stopped doing it for two years since I become obsessed with knitting . I was so sick last week with bad colds again for three days. I was so restless last weekend. I didn't feel like knitting but want to do something with my hands. I looked through my craft room and found the cross stitching project that I brought from Longaberger Basket last year that I really want to make. Guess what, it took me three days to finish it. Last thing I need to do is working on backstitching all the details. I'm almost done and I'm so HAPPY!!!!

More KAL........

Geez.... I'm really out of control with knit-a-long! I have to admit that I'm such a "JOINER"!!! I don't know if I'm realistic but I don't want to miss out the opporunity.

Here are three summer activities I thought would be a lot of fun to join in on:

I joined The Amazing Lace Kal. I always want to knit the shawl but am afraid to try it. I'm going to challenge myself to make one! I have not decided which pattern I will knit. I need more time to do some research on each pattern and decide which one before this weekend.

I thought it would be fun to expand my creative skills on making pin cushions. I love to collect unique pin cushions. This month theme would be fruit. I have one that I made last year and am going to share it with you tomorrow.

I *HEART* Mason *Dixon book so much. I heard so much good things about the book and decided to order one for myself. I found several projects that I would love to knit!!!