Thursday, June 28, 2007

Blah day!!!

It's HOT and HUMID day! Arrrgghh...I have real bad sore throat and ear aches! I slept all day today. Bummer, it would be a great day to stay home and knit but I didn't have any energy to knit.

Here is the knitting news.....

So far, I completed the back and front pieces. I'm still working on back bodice. Boring stockinette stitch. I wish I could purl faster but I'm slow with purling. I really love the Frog Tree 100% pima cotton so much!!

Beauty lace work on two pieces of lower body.

I hope I will feel better by tomorrow. We are supposed to go on a trip to Lancaster, PA. this Saturday for our anniversary weekend.
Stay cool and Happy Knitting!

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Where do I begin??

***** Today is June 25th... it took me a week to post it up due to Comcast internet acted up!**

Warning - very little knitting news, few words and long post!!

I'm still trying to get back to normal after being away for one week vacation. Vacation in Boston and Laconia, New Hampshire were so awesome. The trip was smooth and the weather were so unbelieveable perfect!!!

I took over 300 pictures and I picked out some photos to share with you.

My DH hooked up the trailer to his SUV.

My main man with a serious mission SMILED.

Knitting kept me busy on the road.

We stopped in Boston visiting my family. Aren't they look wonderful!

Bob and Anna are so wonderful couples I ever met. They welcomed my family to stay in their house since March when my sister is recovering from the major surgery. My sister ends up living there for a while. We helped my sister moving her stuff from her apartment (which the lease is soon expired) to Bob/Anna's house. My sister is truly very lucky to have Bob and Anna as her friends.

After staying with my family for three days, we headed up to Laconia, New Hampshire. More knitting for me.

Close up on lace pattern - so easy to memorize the pattern

We arrived in Gilford, New Hampshire where we reserved the campground at Gunstock. The place is really WOW!!!! Imagine that the place is famous for ski resort.

No snow!!!

Wild horses on the loose up the mountain.

Our new "temporary" home for 5 nights.

A lot of people attened to Hillclimb event nearby our campground. The weather was not too great. I don't know why the people were so crazy about going there. We found it very boring because individual dirt bikers rode up the mountain (one by one) instead of the group of bikers raced up the mountain.

We sat down and watched for hours trying to keep ourselves dry.

We were at the Headquarters Bike Rally.

We stopped at the "heart" of the bike rally in Weirs Beach where thousands and thousands bikers meet.

Nice welcome banner for us the bikers.

Bikers were everywhere in the town.

My DH rocks!!!! I spotted the stores when we rode down the road. I begged my DH to pull over and stop these stores. He was so happy to pull over and rested for awhile while I shopped.

Don't I look thrilled? Lucky me, I'm in front of Patternworks.

Look what I brought - Lush (angora and wool) - great for gloveless

Pure Cashmere by Debble Bliss - I'm thinking of knitting a nice scarf.

Beautiful day to ride!

So nature!!!

By the lake

Trip to Mount Washington

Part of the Bike Week, the roads to Mount Washington are closed to cars/trucks except for motorcycles. I guess we were so naive and were not familiar with the history of the Mt. Washington. We followed the bikers up the roads and realized that we went way way way up to the top of the mountain. The higher we went up, I was so freak out and my DH was so nervous riding up to very steep and narrow roads. I could not look down the hill as I was so scared. The road was only 7 miles up to the top of the mountain. We were on the highest mountain of the East.

We survived!!!! I was so proud of my DH that he made it to the top of the mountain. I was so tempted to tell him to go back down while we were in the middle of riding up there. I told myself not to give up. I thought I held my breath till I turned blue but I know I'm not helping my DH.

We were at 6,288 feet. We were so lucky that the weather was so clear but it was 40 degrees up there. Brrrrrrr..... there are few patches of snow around the mountains.

Breathtaking view!!!

After staying in the area for more than 30 minutes, we were so ready to ride down the mountain. You could see the bikers down the road.

More bikers rode up and we went down the hill.

We finally made to the ground. It was amazing that the temperature was 85 degrees on the ground level. My DH was so pooped out so fast from all the stress riding down the hill for 7 miles.

We rode over 225 miles in one day. So beautiful view especially we watched the sunset while we were riding back to the campground

Aaaahhhhh.... don't you love the campfire?

Next day, we spend over 145 miles riding around several lakes. Did you know that the Town of Wolfboro is famous for the America's oldest summer resort? I didn't know till we passed the town.

I knitted every night as much as I can till the campfire died down.

Last day of the Bike Week - more and more people came at Wiers Beach.

The weather was very HOT and HUMID just like DC!!! So fantastic to see the cloud.
Soooooo small WORLD - Patrick (left) was my DH's college classmate, Skipper (next to Patrick) was my college friend, Warren (middle) was my sister's housemate 15 years ago, Ken (fourth person) is the guy's wife grew up with me and my sister in Wisconson and of course, my DH!! It was amazing that we met them and knew them from different places.

I really love that trees. So different than in Maryland. You could see that trees everywhere in New Hampshire. It reminds me of that trees in Hawaii.

Yike!!!! Sock/Boots + Heat = RASH!!!! Seems that I'm allergic wearing sock in the heat!!!
*sniffling* The vacation is OVER!!! We got up at 6 am and packed up together to get ready to go back to reality!!!

We stopped in Boston to see my family for a few hours, especially taking my family out for lunch for Father's Day.
The trip back to Maryland was nightmare for us due to heavy traffic and road construction. I finished the back piece and started working on front piece slowly.
Since we arrived back, it took us few days to unpack and wash clothes. I have not touch my knitting project for a week.
Review coming soon - knitting news!