Tuesday, August 30, 2005

My SP5 is the BEST pal in the world!!!

Do you know why my SP5 is the BEST person in the world? She KNOWS what I need badly.... LICORICE!!!!!!!!! Two bags of licorice candies from Holland and Licorice Altoids!! I thought I die and gone to HEAVEN! Oh boy, you have to tell me where did you find the licorice altoids? I looked for it in every stores.

And the whole bean of DELICIOUS Starbuck coffee!!!! Ohhhhhhhh.... I'm soooo excited!!!! She knows me very well! I'm addicted to Starbuck coffee!

I'm so happy to put the newest coffee beans along with my collections of flavored coffee in the freezer.

Thank you so much, SP5 from the bottom of my heart!! You are the BEST!!! You made my day!

Sunday, August 28, 2005

Here are VERY SLOW W(s)IP!!

First, I want to show you what I got for my birthday from my parents. My own blockers!!! Perfect tools for my space board. My mother told me that she ordered it before my birthday and learned that the blockers are backordered for 3 weeks. I finally recieved it last week. Thanks, Mom and Dad!!!! I know this will be useful for my blocking projects.

Here is my second sock that I'm working today. Three more inches to go!! My socks are laying on my favorite chair. I sat there all day today watching "Shall We Dance" and "Gone with the Wind" movies.

I finally started knitting Bellini Lace Shawl from Morehouse Merino that I brought at Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival last May. I brought Lantern Moon needles at Indiana few weeks ago and I really love the wooden needles!

I started learning how to knit Intarsia. It was not easy as I thought. I have to pay attention to the pattern at all times. No way for me to carry it to anywhere whereever I want to knit. This project has to stay in one place so I can pay attention to the pattern very carefully.

My poor Soleil has been neglected since first week of August. No progress but I will comfort it as soon as I finish the sock tonight. Maybe I will add short sleeves on that top so I can wear it soon. Shall we see?

I feel so SLOW with my knitting projects. I spent all day in bed yesterday trying to recover from lack of sleep all week. Am looking forward to a long Labor weekend this weekend. I hope I will have more time knitting. I told my DH that I really miss going to camping. It depends on the weather. Hurriance Katrina is coming here later this week and I don't know if the weather will clear up this weekend.

Thursday, August 25, 2005


No photos to share with you today. I got home 30 minutes ago and was going to take few pictures of my WIPs. My camera died on me!!! I have to get the battery recharged! Will post the photos this weekend.

I will work from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. tomorrow!! Fun, fun, fun, NOT!!! I don't know why I accepted the role of "judge" for the Talent Show tomorrow night at 7 p.m. to 10 p.m. Dumb of me!! I should have say "no"! I would rather be knitting than showing up for the Talent Show!

Mental Note to Self: Say "NO!" often!

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Forgive me? Non-knitting News!!

I'm so sorry that I have not posted in here for 2 weeks. Does it make me a bad blogger?

School starts real soon. We had New Student Orientation starting last weekend and it kept me very busy getting the residence hall rooms ready for them. Too many problems with ceiling leaking, mold problems, air conditioning were not working, etc...etc... Kept me busy bugging the maintenance people. I worked 12 to 16 hours a day!! Not only that, we are actually out of female beds on campus and it forced us to open up some married housing for the new female students. Sighs!!! New Student Orientation will be over this weekend. Graduate Student Orientation starts today. Returning students will check in the residence halls this weekend. Sighs!!! Summer is OVER!! *sniffling* School will begin this Monday. I will teach First Year Seminar on Mondays and Wednesdays after work. I can't wait till this semester is over!!!! I can't believe that I actually count these days - 78 more classes left!!

Now..."Almost" knitting news!
I have not knitting much last two weeks except yesterday. I forced myself to stay home last Monday and Tuesday to recover from head colds and upper respriary infections. I slept all day last Monday and had very low energy yesterday. I finally knit 2nd sock of Opal yarn. I'm almost half way to go!

More knitting news coming up tomorrow with photos! I promise!!

Friday, August 12, 2005

That's really me!!!

I'm laughing hard!!! Yeah, so true. In fact, I have my black "blah" coffee with me right now. No Starbuck coffee today. I was so late this morning and drove straight to work instead of stopping by at Starbuck to pick up venti black coffee. I hope my friends agree with me that I'm low maintenance girl!

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Dang!! I still have real bad sore throat! I tried everything to get sore throat healing.... gargling with warm salt water, eat pineapples, put Vicks cream on my neck, and ate sore throat lozenges. Nothing is working. Any advice?

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Me and my needles

You are plastic.Futuristic, milky, and silky, you are willing to go
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Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Photos Time!!

** WARNING: Heavy photos!! **

About the trip to Ohio and Indiana....all I say is.... AWESOME!!!! We really enjoyed so much although our vacation was very short! We wish we could stay there longer....

What is this???? Does it look like someone left basket there???

Yup!!! It's really BASKET!!!! Oh wait..wait..wait......

Oh my goodness...... That building was built as a BASKET!!!! Oh boy.... so impressive!!!! It is the Longaberger Company's Home Office - (the seven-story office)

Close up.... It's a Longaberger building.

We stayed in The Place: A Longaberger Hotel overnight. So many cool baskets decorate in every rooms - bathroom, bedroom, dining rooms, lobbies, and pool area.

We went to Longaberger Homestead for the day to shop, eat and watch basketmakers handcrafting baskets from start to finish. The weather was so terrible HOT and HUMIDITY!! It was so hard to walk around the place but there were not many people around which was perfectly fine with us. I don't like shop in crowded places.

I'm standing next to the world's largest Apple Basket. It stands over 29 feet tall. The Apple Basket was hand-woven of hardwood maple in 1999 and measures over 19 feet in base diameter.

Craig and I signed up to weave the baskets. I made the small basket and Craig wanted to make the bigger one.

Craig's artisan inspected and approved the basket.

Craig is really proud of his handmade basket with the great help of his artisan, Eric.

Huge basketmakers are working in the workshop area. It was so amazing watching them making the baskets.

I had to take the picture of the temperature. It was only 4 p.m. and it was so unbelievable HOT and we were so tired and sweaty!! Thanks goodness that we have A/C in our car. We arrived in Noblesville, Indiana at 7 p.m. and stayed with my friends for the weekend.

My dear friend Debbie took me to Mass. Ave. Knit Shop in Indianapolis. It took us an hour to get there because we were LOST in downtown. We were not paying attention on the road when we chatted and realized that we went down too far and could not figure out how to get there. Good thing that I have my own pager to get internet for the direction. We finally found the yarn shop. I was soooooo HAPPY to see the shop. I have never seen so much yarn in one place at one time! They have literally hundreds of finished objects so you can see how your project will turn out. I saw few finished objects that I would like to make and asked the owner of the shop for the pattern. The owner told me that there was no pattern and she invented it herself. She will be happy to write down the instruction on how to make the cool poncho. I told her that I will contact Debbie to get the instruction when I'm ready to make next project. I promise myself to finish few unfinished projects. There are several couches and long table with several chairs if you want to sit and knit a spell and a huge play area for the children. There were four little children running around and play games in play room which is really nice. That shop is a MUST SEE! Of course, I could not leave the store empty hands. I brought two skeins of Jazz and three needles. I would love to go back there again. We went to two quilt stores and brought few quilt patterns, too.

We were staying in our friends' house for dinner and bonfire. It was so good to see my old friends.

The guys were relaxing by the bonfire.

But we were all taking turn to fight each other with the swords. It was so much fun playing with the sword. Here is my Craig fighting with my boss!!! Yes, my boss and his family was in Indiana, too for the weekend. My boss was from Indiana and I know him since college year.

NASCAR day!!!!! We went to Brickyard 400. We were so lucky to sit in right location...facing to pit area and could see the start/finish line and the person waving flag to communicate with the drivers. Beautiful balloons flying up the air just before the drivers start racing.

My favorite driver - Elliott Sandler #38. He was leading the first 22 laps but lost the lead for a lap to pit. He finished 32nd. It was very disappointing for him and me.

Good view of the race track.... you could see a lot of people wearing red t-shirts or caps rooting for Dale Earnhardt Jr #8.

Craig's favorite driver - Dale Earnhardt, Jr. #8 Not good day for him. He started 27th and immediately struggled with other drivers. He was bumped from behind by other driver and hit the inside retaining wall head-on on the main straightaway, then rebounded other three cars. He finished 43rd. I felt so bad for him. Craig was so disappointed for him.

Of course, I brought my Soleil project with me.

It was so hard to knit in very HOT and MUGGY day but I managed to knit about 20 rows. I gave up when my hands were so sweaty.

See the man waving the checkered flag waving to Tony Stewart... Sorry that photo is not clear. It was very emotional moment to see the winner. A lot of people cheered loudly for Indiana naive driver, Tony Stewart #20. I'm really happy for him. He finally lived the dream he has coveted since childhood.

Tony Stewart - the one who drank milk!! Ewwww....drink milk in very hot day!!! We sure enjoyed very much watching the car race.

We were so sad that the weekend was over and drove back last Monday. The trip was very smooth. Craig drove all the way and I knitted. I finished knitting the scarf that I brought two skeins from the Mass. Ave. Knit Shop. We arrived back at 9:30 pm. We were so happy that we arrived safely. We are not sure if we plan to go back to Brickyard 400 next year. It depends on my work schedules for Summer 2006.

Right now, I'm sick like a dog!! I'm having bad head colds and chilly. I'm going to bed early tonight. Will post my knitting photos tomorrow. Stay cool (stay warm for me!!!)

We're BACK!!!

Hi everyone! We made it back from Ohio and Indiana safe and sound last night! It was so great trip but I am so glad to be home. I'm going to download all the pictures tonight and will share some photos along with the news about the trip tomorrow. I have to wash clothes tonight!!!

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Knitting Marathon??

We left home at 1 pm and arrived in Newark, Ohio at 7 pm. We are staying in "Longaberger - The Place Off the Square" hotel. The room is really cool... Full of baskets decoration here! We have an appointment at 10 am tomorrow to weave the baskets! How exciting!! The trip was so great because I knitted all the way from Maryland to Ohio!!! I brought three projects and I jumped around these projects to keep me so eager!!
More news to come later - I type this message thru my pager.