Saturday, December 31, 2005

Happy 2006

Just want to say....

Hope the new year bring us a lot of happiness and good health!!!!

Friday, December 30, 2005

** Photos Time **

I downloaded over 180 pictures and picked out few pictures to share with you. We had so much fun spending with my parents and Kimbo. I miss them already and wish that the time doesn't fly too fast!!!

My sister, Kimbo came home from Boston. My mom greeted her!!

Pretty Tree at my parents' house!

I love this picture so much. You could see my parents' faces when my mom got the socks I knitted. My mom was so thrilled and I'm relieved that the socks fit her well.

Kimbo got the socks I knitted!!!

Look what Santa brought me.... (I knew they were from my parents! *wink!*)

A Year of Mittens book

Sock Blockers

How to Knit Socks on 2 Circular Needles DVD with the instruction book

Craig got me Denise Needle Kit.

I got really nice gifts from my family, friends and Craig's family.

Look Kimbo knitting!!! I let her to finish up the dishcloth I made. She did a great job!!

Family Trip to see the House On The Rock! We were there twenty years ago and decided to come back to see the house. I want to show my hubby about the house. Three hours tour!!! So much things to see around the house, especially collectibles of many things. There were over 6,000 collectibles of Santas during Christmas time.

Me and my best friend, Santa!!! I wish I could bring him over to my house!!!

My parents and Scottish Santa!

Last day of our vacation!! One week is toooo short for me!!! Wish we could stay there longer!

Home From the Holidays

Hi there...

We got back last night from Wisconsin. It was the best vacation for us. I missed my family already!!!

I was so tired and didn't do anything when we got home. Today, I will have to shop for food, unpack, wash clothes and get ready for next big event - Crazy Crowd Crafts weekend on January 12th to 16th. I will be hosting here this year on our 10th year anniversary! We plan to exchange our gifts (three parts - pin, ornament and big gift). I'm done making ornaments but have not started making pins and gifts. I have to hold my knitting projects till I finished the gifts (sorry, it won't be knitting related) this weekend.

Anyway, I will post some pixs of our trip tonight or tomorrow with more details. I need to go to food grocery to get more food to stuff up the refrigerator!!!

Have a GREAT day!

Thursday, December 22, 2005


We are off to (brrrrrrrrrrrrrrr) Milwaukee, Wisconsin to spend with my family today for a week. Yay!!!! Warm house, cool parents, great food, alot of laughter and love, snow, snow and snow!!! I can't ask for more and I'm really looking forward to!!!

Oh oh oh oh....... I must tell you that......

Secret Pal 6 Rocks!!! Posted by Picasa

I got the package from my SP6, Laurie who spoiled me last night. I'm so thrilled to be the owner of "365 Knitting Stitches A Year" perpetual calendar and "Beyond Stitch and Bitch"book. Laurie got me two different kind of dips that she brought at craft fair. Another kind of teas!! I immediately tried to taste it last night after dinner. It was soooooooooooo GOOD!!!! Cranberry flavor!!! I also got homemade "orange" soap and Burt's Bee lip balm (perfect timing as I need it for my trip to Wisconsin!!!). The gifts are so perfect!!! Laurie is so fabulous person to spoil me. Thank you, thank you, thank you, Laurie!!!!! You are really wonderful!!!

Kerry is the person who I spoiled with. I really enjoy reading her blog. She teaches knitting classes. I got fabulous tips on how to use magic loop on sock from her. Hello Kerry!!!!!!!!

I didn't knit much this week but I finally blocked the pieces for Everyday Cardigan sweater. I will seam them together when I get back from the trip.

I'm going to bring few yarn to knit with during the trip. I wish I could bring big projects but I don't have much room in my suitcase. Waaahhh!! I hope I will stop by two or three LYS in Milwaukee.

Happy Holidays to one and all and may your day be merry and bright!

Stay warm and Happy Knitting!!!!

See you next week!!!!!

Saturday, December 17, 2005

Just a quick note.... I just learned that my SP6 who spoils me has same birthday as my hubby and Jesse, my SP5 the one I spoiled with. Isn't that amazing!? Happy Birthday to my SP6!!! I can't wait to know about her real soon. The package is on the way real soon.

I took Craig to his favorite restuarant - Houston's last night. Isn't he look so happy when his food arrived!!! He loves BBQ ribs!!!!

Tonight, we will go to see Garden of Lights. We wanted to go there last night but the gate was closed at 8:30 p.m. We could see real cool decoration outside of this place and decided to come back tonight.

Craig is so thrilled that we will go to The Avenue Inn on January 27th for two nights for his birthday. Two nights in private jacuzzi in King size room and spa for a day!!! I wish I snapped the pictures when he opened the birthday card along with the flyer of "The Avenue Inn". His jaw dropped and asked me when we could go!!! Dang, I wish I could take him there right now but we have prior commitments this weekend that can not be cancelled. He picked out the dates and I reserved the room this morning. 41 more days to go!!

Tonight, I'm going to block the pieces of Everyday Cardigan!!!! Geez, I'm so slow!!!!

Thursday, December 15, 2005

Guess who will turn 42 years old tomorrow?????

My sweeeeeet hubby, Craig!!!! Happy Birthday to you, my darling!!!

I also want to say Happy Birthday to my former SP5, Jesse. He will be 30 years old tomorrow, too!!!!!

Monday, December 12, 2005

Busy busy busy bee!!!!

It was fast weekend for me. I spent all day on Saturday and Sunday cleaning around the house, especially in the library, exercise room, guest room, and craft room. I finally got rid of many books and crafts that I made (that no longer in my style!) I'm almost done with X-mas shopping. I'm not done with my DH's family. I don't know what to get them. I'm done with my family easily because they gave me the list what they need/want for X-mas! I mailed the last third package to my Secret Pal 6 this morning. The Secret Pal activity is over and I can not wait to reveal to my spoiler (as soon as she gets the package from me). My Secret Pal emailed me that the package is on the way. She seems think that I know her but I have no idea who is my Secret Pal yet. I don't know if I overlooked any hints from her. Strange that I have not heard from my Secret Pal 5. She emailed me that she would send me the last package last September and I have not received. I emailed her several times and no words from her. I even contacted the SP5 coordinator asking if my SP5 is alright. She would get back to me with the information but I still have not heard anything. I do hope that my SP5 is alright. (SP5, please email me if you are alright and I will ease my mind off)

My computer internet acted up crazy since Wednesday. My DH fed up and called the Comcast last Saturday to find out what's up with the system. They had no ideas why but sent someone to check outside lines today. Seems the internet is cooperating with me and most important is that I can post some pictures!!! Yay!!!

Knitting Content........ I'm in love with lace sock!!! Purple one!!

Close Up: Sorry it's blurry

Interweave Knits: Winter 2005

Embossed Leaves Socks

Lorna's Lace Shepard Sock yarn

Size 2 needles

Last Friday, I was so tired but not tired enough to go to sleep (if you know what I mean). I looked up Creative Knitting magazine that I got from the mail two week ago. I saw the cool dishcloth and realized that I have Lion Cotton Yarn in my stash basket. Good thing I did because I brought three yarns that I was not sure what to make. There were big sale at Michael's last summer and I believed I brought them for one dollar each. I knitted right away and it was FAST!!!

Holiday Swirl Dishcloths

Creative Knitting - January 2006 - page 74

Lion Brand Yarn - Lion Cotton 100% Pure Cotton

Size 7

Santa Claus is coming to town.......

Hmmm....there are tooooooo many Santas in the house. Yup, I collect Santas for years. I'm obsessed with Santas. I either buy or make Santas every years. Also, I got many Santas gifts from my family and friends. My DH is worried that tooo many eyes are on him every day.

We got a new tree this year....this time we got the skinny one. We used to have a big FAT tree that took up the space in the living room. My DH could not believe that I put over 150 Santa ornaments on that skinny tree. He thought I would give up some. I would never never never give up the ornaments. Yes, I would be gladly accepted new more ornaments for X-mas or buy more after X-mas sale. I know this is sign of my illness. My doctor doesn't see there is nothing wrong with me!!!

I asked my DH to pick out which ornament is his FAVORITE! Guess what! The Naked Santa!! LOL!!!!

All Santas that I made are sitting around the tree. Yup, they are sitting on chairs!!!

I must show you my DH's stocking. His grandma made the stocking for him when he was little boy. The stocking hung up every year when he grew up. I never knew about it till last year when we were down Florida for his family's Christmas gathering. His mother went through the boxes and found stockings for their children and their spouses. She decided to give away to her children and spouses to keep. We are so thrilled to have the stockings back. The stocking Grandma made is very precious to my DH. My mother-in-law brought me the stocking as soon as we got married. She knew how much I love Santa. Last year, I learned something new about him. He loves CAT!!!! I was so surprised that he never told me. He knew that I'm allergic to cats and didn't bother to bring it up how much he loves the cat. Darn, I wish I could get him a cat. I know nothing about cats.

Aren't they cute!!?

That's Jerri Lyn . I was not able to post her picture on her birthday last week. Isn't she beautiful!! I love her!!!

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Today is special day for......

Jerri Lyn!!! Today is her birthday!!! Jerri Lyn is one of my dearest friends. I have known her since she was a student at Gallaudet University. (that's 20 years ago!) She became one of Student Affairs colleagues 5 years ago where I work and we became fast friend ever since. She is the one who got me real knitting addiction. Blame her for that - Nah!!! I'm so glad that she has knitting skills that I can depend on her. Please join with me to sing "Happy Birthday, Jerri Lyn!!!!"

(Darn, apparently that blogspot is not cooperating with me to post up the picture of her!!! - Not only that, I noticed that my recent blog that I posted last Monday has wrong date. What's up with blogspot??)

Saturday, December 03, 2005


It's SNOWING!!!! Yay..yay..yay!!!! I love snow but not the wet snow!!! I love to look out the window while it's snowing. Perfect day to stay inside drinking hot coffee and knitting.

Sorry for the delay...

I looked and looked for my digital camera battery and charger everywhere in the house when we got back from Florida. This morning, I found them in my DH's tote bag! Grrrr!!! I would never guess where he put there in first place!

I was so disappointed that many pictures that I took when we were down in Florida didn't come out clear....either too dark or too blurry!! Only few good pictures of my DH and two dogs that belong to my brother-in-law and his wife.

Here are the pictures I promised....
Two beautiful German Shepard dogs - Reilly and Zoey. Reilly loves water so much - more than Zoey. She doesn't like to be wet.

So funny to watch them. Reilly knows how to catch the water from the water gun!!!

Zoey was trying to get the water gun away from my DH. He succeed getting it and hiding it from us.

Knitting News...

I accomplished few things when I was down there in Sunshine place.

Everyday Cardigan sweater. I have not blocked them yet. I hope I will do it this weekend.

Simple Wool Hat for my DH

That one I knitted on Black Friday. I started at midnight and finished it just before we came back home from shopping.

Fuzzy Feet Slippers - I have not felt them yet.

Two little ornament stockings - I used Size One and Three to make two different sizes. I like the smallest one. I intend to make more stockings to hang on my tree.

I finally finished one Peak n' Valley sock! The instruction is so easy but I hurt my wrist from knitting that sock.... not sure if the yarn is not pleasant to knit or the needle was so small for me to knit. I have to make one more sock - I'm not going to make it right away. My poor wrist needs a break!!

On the Needles....

I'm working on other sock. I got the Interweave Knit magazine (Winter 2005) in the mail last Saturday and fell in love with thE Embossed Leaves Socks - page 96. I knitted right away yesterday. It's soooooo easy and FUN!!! I'm using purple Lorna's Lace yarn.

I'm going to finish it tonight for sure.... 14 more rows before toe part.

Stay warm and happy knitting!!!