Sunday, July 30, 2006

Birthday Weekend Recap

Yup... I turned 45 years old yesterday and feel more younger than ever!!! Wink!!!! Very relaxing weekend for me but the weather was unbelievable HOT and HUMID!!!

I took a day off last Friday to pamper myself for the day. I went to Today's Images for spa pedicure.

Yesterday we went to Orioles game playing against Chicago White Sox with our friends. Beautiful afternoon but HOT HOT HOT day.

I knitted the sock!! I was hoping to finish it at the game but it was so hot that my hands were sweating badly. I didn't finish it as I was hoping for!

I was hoping to stay home all day today but I had to go to work all afternoon to get ready for the trainings. I will be going to Bethany Beach with the group for the Peer Advisor Retreat starting this Saturday for one week.

My Darling Hubby in MID-LIFE Crisis!!!!

My hubby along with my friend, Bev riding joyfully!!!! They brought Harley bikes!!!

He practiced riding around the parking lot several times before he hit on the road.

Isn't he look so happy with his new toy!!! He loves it so much!!

Now.... I'm so serious trying to finish the socks for the August Project Spectrum!! Soooo much work to do and very little time!!! Sighs!!!! Summer is over for me because tomorrow is first day of student workers' training! Waaaaahhh!!! I didn't have any summer vacation at all but hopefully my boss will approve my request to take few days off in September and October.

Happy Knitting!!!

Monday, July 24, 2006

I promise....

to share the pictures with you but my blog doesn't cooperate with me in downloading the pictures. I will try it again tomorrow! Sighs!!!

Happy Knitting!!!!

Sunday, July 23, 2006

BUSY busy busy bee!!!

I'm sooooo tired!!! Been so busy in month of July, especially at work, work, work, and little home life. No knitting news!

I was in the Sport Camp for a week as a Residential Program Director overseeing 60 bratty boys. I think I'm going to retire in this job! Some of the boys were so nasty and talked back to me and my camp counselors!! Sighs! They were out of control but I was so glad that the camp lasted a week!

We ordered new furniture for our living room on Fourth of July and will expect to get them this weekend (in time for my birthday!) While we shopped for coffee table and end tables to match the furniture, we found perfect bedroom set (full set which included bedframe, two nightstands, dresser for me, dresser for my hubby, TV armoire and two little bench) that we both like. I always want to have match set in our bedroom but we could not find anything we like for 10 years after we move to a house.... either I like but my hubby doesn't OR he likes and I don't! We decided to go for it and got very good deal with the bedroom sets. 30 months with no interest!!! The bedroom pieces arrived last Wednesday and it took us three days to put them together because they are HEAVY!!!!!!!! Now, my hubby wants to paint the wall in our bedroom!! Wish we have done before the furniture arrive!!

My hubby wants to ride motorcycle for a long time and decided to take motorcycle class two weeks ago. I decided to come over on his last day of class and watched him riding. He did a great job and passed the written and riding test. He enjoyed so much that he wants to buy new bike. Guess what, he and my friend, Bev purchased Harley bikes today and will pick them up tomorrow.

Craig was watching the sign langugage interpreter while his instructor explaining him what he should do.

Joy of Riding!!!

Isn't he soooo PROUD that he got motorcycle certificate!!

Well, I lied...I have small knitting news!
I've made very little progress on purple sock and didn't touch the shawl for three weeks. Sighs!! I need VACATION!!!!!!! No wonder why I'm soooo tired!!! I will take this Thursday and Friday off. Hope to catch up some sleep and REST. I hope to finish the sock for this month Project Spectrum!!

May post some pixs tomorrow of my hubby's new bike!

Happy Knitting!!!

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Happy Birthday, Sis!!

Want to say Happy Birthday, Kimbo!!! She turns 46 years old today!! She is my BEST friend and sister in the world!

(I know she would kill me for posting this!!!...this is my favorite pix of her!!!) She has a great sense of humor!!! Lucky her, she flew to Wisconsin yesterday to stay with our parents for three weeks!!!! Kimbo, Happy Birthday and have a GREAT vacation with our mama and papa!!!! Hugs!!!!

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Happy 4th of July!!!

We wish everyone a happy and safe 4th of July!

Craig and I have decided that we would spend the holiday relaxing and not doing house stuff. I?ve been knitting away and Craig is resting as he was in pain. He had bike accident last Sunday. He went out with his group of cyclists for the day. His friend who rode down very fast behind Craig didn't warn him that there were debris and many big stones all over on the road. Craig didn't have any choice but went through the debris and fell very hard on the pavement. He has a lot of scrapes on his right elbow and leg and his right collarbone was fractured. His friend paged me when I was at work for the camp training. My heart went up to my throat learning that Craig was hurt. I drove down right away. While I drove down, my mind went wild thinking that he was on the ground but I found him standing up chatting with my friend. I was so relieved but was so sick seeing his bleeding elbow. I brought him and my friend along with my godson home. He refused to get treatment from the doctor. One of his cycling friend checked on him and told him that he must wear arm sling to hold his arm up to get his collarbone healing. I'm relieved that he is alright and no damages on his face.

Have a SAFE Fourth of July!!!! Happy Knitting!!!

Saturday, July 01, 2006


I've been married to my dear hubby, Craig for 17 years! fast the time flies! Happy Anniversary Babe!