Sunday, February 20, 2005

Almost a week? Really???

I can't belive it's been almost a week since I've posted.... Where did the time go?

Last Friday was so GREAT day because I've been ROAKed for the very first time by Lucia of with the DELICIOUS licorice candies. I *heart* licorice so much!

I really CAN'T wait go up to Rochester, New York this Tuesday night!!! I'm so looking forward to seeing my friends. I will be visiting Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) and National Technical Institute for the Deaf (NTID) all day to meet with Residence Life staff on Wednesday. The fun will start on Thursday morning when the 4th person arrive. We will do our annual gathering - exchange our handmade gifts, handmade ornaments and handmade pins. Then we will start doing crafts - starting Thursday till Sunday night. Definitely will have a lot of laughter, joy and chat!! Of course, A lot of photos will come after I get back!!!

I have confession to make.... I was supposed to finish DH's sweater.... (it's half way to go on LAST sleeve!!!!) My mind is still screaming at me ..... "Come on, Susan!!!! Look how sad is your DH!!!!" I decided to put it away and knit another Klaralund for MYSELF! I know I'm weak!!!!! Geez... I feel sooooo selfish because I really enjoy knitting Noro silk garden yarns soooo much! The color is so BEAUTIFUL!!! Sigh!! I will finish DH's sweater after I get back from Rochester.

Pictures will be posted tomorrow..... I have go and do the laundry. Isn't that FUN job???

Sunday, February 13, 2005

Be Mine!

Happy Valentine's Day!!!!!

Restful Day!!

It is very quiet weekend but productive!!! I finished making all projects for my Crazy Crowd Crafts ladies. I made two gifts, ornaments and pins for each lady. I will be flying up to Rochester, New York next week to meet three of my close friends for a long weekend. I took pictures of my projects as you will see below.

Current WIP.... this project I'm working for my DH. Classic Male Cardigan - from Book 1: The Knit Stitch by Sally Melville. I'm exicted because I'm working on last sleeve before I seam them together and add button band. I hope I will finish it this week before I fly to Rochester.

So tonight is perfect evening for me to knit and watch Grammy Awards!

I MUST show you!!!

Beautiful pendant!!!! Isn't that beauty!!!! I ordered from Abby ( She made it and posted in her blog. I contacted her to see if she sells it. Yes!!! She sells her pendants. I'm sorry that the picture is blurry. I will ask my DH to take picture of the pendant on me. Check it out in her blog. Thanks, Abby!!!!

For my Crazy Crowd Crafts ladies

Finished Projects for my friends..... each of my friend will get accessory bag and flower washcloth (Christmas gift), Santa ornament and pineapple pin. I hope they will like them very much. Every year we meet and exhange the handmade gifts.

Close up of Santa ornament

Santa ornament - I used Celluclay (instant papier mache) to make the ornament. I love making primitive Santas. This project is very messy but FUN to make. I made four of them last weekend and it took a week to dry them up before I painted them last night. This morning I added wavy wool for the beard and hair (of course, eyebrow). Each ornament is about 8 inches
tall. I looked around the store and magazine to give me some ideas what should I make the ornament. I saw the original one from the store. I looked closely very careful and tried to make it from my own hands. I love it so much but I don't want to touch celluclay again because it dries up my hand!!

Close up pin

Pineapple pin - sorry it's blurry. I decided to make primitive pineapple pins for the ladies to remember by me. They know how much I love primitive pineapple. I collect primitive pineapple - especially pins and necklace. The pin is 1 1/2" by 2" wooden one. I painted different colors and shape of pineapple.

Thursday, February 10, 2005


Here are five accessories bags that need to be felted... I used Manos de Uruguay yarns to make five accessories bags.

Ta da!!!!

Here they are..... after felting. I added zipper in each bag. I need to buy one more zipper for the red accessories bag. These bags will be given to my three friends during our annual "Crazy Crowd Crafts" group last week of this month. Of course, I made one for myself. I have not decided who should I give the red one yet.

Manos de Uruguary yarns are so wonderful to knit. I really love the yarns so much and would love to make more from these yarns. They are also great for felting.

"Weekend Knitting'' is one of my FAVORITE book. I made five flower washcloth and turtleneck egg cozies sweater from that book. Of course, there are few more projects that I would like to make from that book.

Did I mention I LOVE felting?

Now, I have to go back and finish knitting the sleeve for my DH!! I really want to finish it so my DH can enjoy wearing it before warm weather comes.

Friday, February 04, 2005


I am nerdier than 25% of all people. Are you nerdier? Click here to find out!

Me Nerdy Wannabe???? No way... I think I'm pretty nerd!! Ha!!!

Wednesday, February 02, 2005


Two reasons:

1.) I'm still at work!!! Am stuck staying here till I receive the final words from some students if they plan to show up tomorrow for the student panel. I want to go home now and knit the sock! I wish I bring my knitting bag with me. Normally, I bring my knitting bag with me to work everyday. This morning, I decided not to bring my knitting bag because I will have lunch meeting today and know that I won't have any time knitting during my break today. Now, I wish I did bring it!! Drats!!!

2.) Good news is that I finished the Audrey sweater last night. Bad news is that the sweater look AWFUL!!! I did 23 lace pattern repeats for the neckline, but that made for too much gapping at the neck. I have to rip, rip, rip, rip it out, remove a repeat and put it all back in place. I was surprised that the sweater fits me very well except for the neckline that I need to fix it right. I'm sooooo discouraged as I really want to finish it, wear it and move on with other project!!! DRATS!!! DRATS!!! I have to accept this! Sighs!!!!

Can you see me sulking? Indeed, I'm sulking right now!!! Sighs!!! What can you do about it? Thanks for reading this.

Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Happy New Month!!

I can't believe January is over already! I didn't accomplish to finish the sweater. BUT I'm going to finish Audrey tonight for sure!!!! Few more rows then seam them together with the glass of wine! That's my plan for tonight!!

I knitted five accessories bags last week and will felt them this week. Will definitely get some pictures of them - before and after felting!!!!

I'm so thrilled to get the message from my Secret Pal. I don't know who you are but want to say Hello Secret Pal!!!!! I sent e-card to my Secret Pal last week and was so worried that she has not read the e-card till last night. Whew!!!!! I'm all excited to be part of Secret Pal activity and hope that my Secret Pal will enjoy my goodies.

I can't believe that I actually booked the round trip to Las Vegas this morning. I was never planning that way till my boss told me that there were special fares. My boss was joking around with my colleagues that his dream that we could all go there and gamble for the weekend for fun. I could believe that I immediately said YES!!!!!! I paged my DH and told him that I'm going to book the tickets for us. He was so surprised and said go for it. Seven of my colleagues booked the tickets as well. Can you believe that my boss was sooooo excited? Isn't he COOL boss? Actually, my boss was my college friend for a while before he became my boss. Small world!!! I'm not going down to gamble but will spend my time knitting!!!!!! We will be going down there in May. Oh boy, I'm really looking forward to going there as I never been in Las Vegas before. Any good yarn shop down there???? Please let me know!!!!!!

Now, I'm going back and finish up my Audrey!!!!!